Those who don't know journalism are doomed to repeat it.

When I made my concerns over the problems of journalism known to people in the profession, I was dismissed. Rudely and repeatedly. Whatever veered off the script had to be wrong, and as I was born off script, it was not easy being Alexandra Kitty.

I kept plugging, and my books were published, and sadly, my predictions came true.

Journalism was a thing, and now it's not.

The Internet held a lot of promise, but there is a secret rig that it has that is bringing it toward the same fate that befell journalism, only the fall will be faster and harder.

And that is the lack of independent verification built into its system.

The Internet never took that into consideration, and it shows.

It was never made with truth in mind.

That should concern every one of us who uses this medium.

It is a warehouse of used sources, and it reminds me of buying something used and getting it without the instruction manual that came with the original package.

And people think it has to be good and the instructions are completely unnecessary just because they didn't get that book. Well, if I needed the instructions, they would have come with them!

Sometimes you can get away with it.

Other times, you've bought a used hospital scanner and some glowing blue powder comes out, and you use it as body glitter, not knowing it was Caesium 137.

It happened (and was the subject of one of my short stories The Godblaze Curiosity from the book Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps).

Journalism held too tightly as gate-keeper, and that was bad as there was no method for checks and balances.

The Internet was a great equalizer, and that was good.

But when it went to the other extreme of having no checks and balances as anyone could post absolutely anything, that was bad.

When anything goes, nothing works.

And what happens to a medium when that happens?

Welcome to the Internet, 2018.


Hello, Twitter!


How's it going, Facebook?


Do we really need to start World War Three with a medium like this?


Verify, verify, verify before the Internet was a thing, too.