Logic, Anniston Star-style

Okay, let's get this one straight. 7ef7e0c4-18ac-11e6-bad8-4ba1efb52322

Boss made a habit of spanking female employees.

He "resigns", but his wife replaces him.

And he still gets praise!

Ayers’ departure marks the end of a celebrated career in journalism.

In an email to The Star, Diane McWhorter, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning civil rights history “Carry Me Home,” described Ayers as “the publisher of (easily) one of Alabama’s most enlightened newspapers” and a “voice of integrity and reason in political seasons even darker than our most recent.”

And this!

“It’s sad, for somebody who has been so important to Anniston and to Alabama, to have this overshadow his accomplishments,” said Frank Denton, a former Star reporter who is now editor-at-large at the Jacksonville Times-Union in Florida. “He was a hero of freedom of the press and civil rights all those years, when it wasn’t easy to do in Alabama.”

Yes, that's a good example of a broken journalistic mindset...