Memo to Meryl Streep: Offense is the worst defence: do it, and people will know you're a weakling. How to turn an A-list life into a cartoon, Streep-style.

Meryl Streep should really learn a lesson in humility, but it is already too late. foghorn1

She cannot take the heat for calling the misogynistic Harvey Weinstein a "god" and keeping silent for far too long in the #MeToo saga, so she is trying to drag in Donald Trump's wife and daughter.

That ship sailed a long time ago.

It sailed because you kept your mouth shut all during #MeToo at its critical juncture.

We have Rose McGowan and Ronan Farrow to thank, not you.

No, you were too busy lecturing a president at the Golden Globes, but boy, did you know how to keep your mouth shut when Weinstein's sickness became public.

So let us not pretend you are exposing Melania and Ivanka.

You are trying to save your own skin. The motive is too transparent to deny.

And this one is on you.

Rose McGowan never won an Oscar, or was ever nominated for you.

But you, my goodness, how much hardware did you take home over the years?

How many nominations graced your name?

Of all the actresses to lead this charge, it was up to you.

It was up to you to say, "Enough."

You were the doyenne of that industry.

Not Ms. Gowan.

But you didn't.

You gave those predators a cover and patina of respectability, when you were in the absolute position to break down their power base.

But why would you, when you were reaping all those benefits you never deserved.

You just giggled and mugged for America all those years, voguing for the camera, making every little girl in America think she could attain respect and stature in that industry without having to worry about being raped and sexually blackmailed.

And now you think of pointing a finger at Trump kin?

Nice try.

You were the decoy for men like Weinstein.

You were the Trojan horse.

Too little, too late, Ms. Streep.

But there is no need for anger toward you.

You have become a farce.

A cartoon.

The curtain rose to reveal who you really are.

A joke.

Offense is the worst defence.

Because you reveal your weakness when you do it.

You are not one to talk.

So it is best that you keep silent before you start sticking your other foot in your mouth.