Media schizophrenia in an age of Anarchy.

The news media in America have collectively become schizophrenic. The fragmentation of their thinking has become dysfunctional. They know they hate Donald Trump, but then lose all sensibility.

First, they decreed that Trump was in collusion with Russia to win the election.

And now Trump didn't want to win.

Okay, so what's the deal here? He was in collusion with Russia not to win?

Memo to the people parading as journalists: you have all lost your minds.

You have no idea what narrative will stick; so you just try anything.

New York magazine's article decreeing that 2018 will be a fight to "save democracy from Trump" is a delusion.


No, 2018 will be the fight to save democracy from the dead profession once known as journalism.

Your education did not teach you a single thing about knowledge, facts, rationality, or logic. Not one thing.

You have no sense and no ability to reason. You behave like spoiled children having a fit because you drew a line in the sand and people walked over it.

You are unable to function in anarchy.

And order was not your strong suit, either.