Manipulative delusions of grandeur: How journalism is trying to claim #MeToo...except that most of those caught were in journalism. Nice try.

The Toronto Star has a knee-slapper of an article entitled How investigative journalism helped propel the #MeToo movement. Journalism is now trying to steal credit for something they did not do -- and scraping is a big ruse used in the profession. From plagiarism (taking someone else's words and ideas as their own -- something that happened to me numerous times as a journalist) to actual scraping (doing no research but merely cribbing from another media outlet, something I outlined in my book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism). But now the gambit has gone to pretend that journalists helped expose sexual harassment.

Really, Star? Are you serious?


You boors were the sexual harassers.

Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Vice Media, etc.

Those were your guys. Those were the men you promoted, protected, drooled over, and cheered from day one.

And now you are trying to take credit for #MeToo?

That's like a rapist turning himself into police and then wanting credit for capturing a criminal.

#MeToo forced journalists to come clean, but this is strictly a social media movement that did it on its own. They had no choice but to come clean and try to clean up the mess before it spiralled even more out of control.

Once Ronan Farrow began looking into Harvey Weinstein and was not going to give up, and Rose McGowan became unleashed on Twitter and was not going to let any nondisclosure agreement shut her up any longer, there was no going back. Make no mistake: this is a clean-up detail.

But the Star has a history of this kind of arrogant weirdness. They pretended they exposed the late mayor Rob Ford's crack problem when it was the drug dealers who finally called them and told them all about it. No sources were actually found by reporters: it was the other way around.

Way back in 1996, the Star also did its best to promote an anonymous woman who said she was dying and mugged of her medication...until people called in and pointed out that they recognized the shadows and that she had a history of lying. Then the hoax came out.

But the Star then goes on their usual tangent how Trump is losing power because of #MeToo, except there is no evidence of that.

There is plenty of evidence that people in the communications industry mistreat women, and then try to cover it up.

Including inside the Star itself.

There was no investigative journalism. Reporters who covered up the abuse finally confessed a small part of the reality. The end.

And that deliberate and systemic abuse should not have happened in newsrooms. Ever. And when it did, it should have been exposed in public immediately.

Instead, people kept quiet, and reporters got to pretend they were moral.

And now they are trying to pretend they exposed sexual harassment. This article is beyond egregious. It is beyond vile. It is beyond offensive propaganda.

It is the epitome of the word audacity.

Memo to the news media: it is not an exposé when you are reporting on your own transgressions.

It is a manipulative delusion of grandeur trying to re-invent history.

It's not working, kids. Trump has nothing to fear from the likes of you.

And the stench of journalistic rot continues.