Ignorantia comoedia: You are living through the greatest unintentional comedy never written: how a dead profession became silly cannon fodder.

Spy magazine had a very funny book called Spy High come out in 1991 way back when they were still a thing. A1KE3ext8+L

Notice who is in the middle of that cover.

As someone who was my high school's yearbook editor, I appreciated this one very much.

It was set-up just like a high school yearbook...except it was pure satire, using the A-list back then as students, including having obits for the "graduating class."

The cover really says it all, and I can have a good chuckle at it.

Because it isn't nearly half as funny as the real-life comedy going down right now.

Imagine this premise: a group of formerly "popular" (read: exploitable) kids are in for the surprise of their lives when a younger crop of new kids completely take over the school and become the new "popular kids", leaving the old popular kids to be relegated as nerds.

Worse, one of the kids who used to hang out with the old guard, turns on them, and then runs for student council president without their support...and wins!

The former cool kids pull out all the stops to prove the still have the power, man, and are still with it and matter...but then everyone ignores them.

It's a twist ending!

And then comes the sequel where the now nerds are still trying to sabotage the student council president with name-calling and powerful-worded sophistry used in the school's newspaper that none of the other kids bother to read.

This is every popular kid's nightmare: becoming irrelevant. One day, your decrees make kings out of paupers and paupers out of kings.

The next day, no one listens or cares.

That's the comedy we are living in today...but the former popular kids somehow, all turned to the undead.

A divine comedy it isn't.

But it is the unintentional comedy.