What killed journalism?

There is a longer answer coming later on this year. Vice media is a microcosm for one of the reasons why journalism died a slow painful death, and no company purge will fix it.

The nerds at CNN have lost the last shred of dignity, but even if they all got sober, they would still be in a dead profession.

What killed journalism?


A broken model, for starters.

But a broken model comes from a broken mindset.

Journalism's mindset broke first, and then everything else fell apart.

If you ever want to destroy an entire profession, go for sabotaging the mindset.

And that is what happened to journalism.

No matter what those in the profession do, they cannot put back together that mindset because its weaknesses did them in.

There were countless times to rectify those vulnerabilities, but nothing was ever done about it.

And then it was too late.

It is a murder mystery where the victim refused to listen to people who told them not to go outside unprepared because danger was lurking outside, and they laughed it off and became cannon fodder.

So what do we do? Reanimate a corpse?

No, it's done, but that doesn't mean new life can't take the place of the old to make a better way...