How effective has #MeToo been for journalism? The silence is still deafening.

Oh, we can play ganes, like, for instance Hardball.

Women who work there have said things. Chris Matthews is, according to them, an uncivilized tyrant.

But if journalism is all about transparency, truth, justice, and facts, the profession has a serious credibility problem, as told to the Daily Caller:

Both former NBC producers requested anonymity out of concern for their future careers. One is actively seeking a job in media and the other still works closely with MSNBC. One expressed fears about being labeled a “troublemaker” and cited the string of former Fox News women who have all but disappeared from television.

“Sadly, I know other women who won’t even be an anonymous source regarding Chris [Matthews] because they’re that concerned about the door closing on career opportunities in media,” the producer concluded.

Telling the truth and exposing abusive behavior gets you blacklisted.

Yay, democracy!

But it is true. Women in 2018 who are honest, dignified, and vocal will be punished and not rewarded for refusing to enable a boor.

But boors will be promoted and protected at all costs.

That should serve as notice to those who think #MeToo is going to make a difference.

If news producers cannot speak freely on the record because another news producer behaves badly and the entire industry will back him up in spirit, then how reliable is the news producing business?

Why bother watching MSNBC? They are incapable of reporting truth or reality.

It is just a game to elevate tyrants and have women prop them up as they tremble of losing their abusive jobs and hold back as they cower.

It is a sham of a network, no better than Fox, rigged to talk down to the little people to tell them how and what to think, nothing more.