The medium is only half the message: it is the method the gives meaning to the message. Why journalism needs to begin again.

Marshall McLuhan wasn't a journalist. And he didn't have a psych degree.

But he had one very good observation aside from the concept of the Global Village: that the medium is the message.

Well, it is half the message.

The same problem plagues fiction writing: everyone concentrates on the content of the stories, but not the structure, meaning we have very creative plots, but only a single way to tell them: the patriarchal.

It was the reason I chose to write fiction with the matriarchal style: the linearity and singularity of the patriarchal is killing fiction-writing because of the overload of stories: we become bored without knowing why.

Once the shackles of patriarchal storytelling are broken, fiction can truly begin to grow and explore, changing the meaning of the content, such as plot and characters.

The same holds true for journalism.

It is bound by its structure without anyone questioning it.

Almost everyone.

I have questioned it for years.

Journalism is more than just content and its medium. It is also its method.

Once method is challenged and its shackles broken, the medium will be far less important than the method.

Journalism never really begun. It was always a primitive vocation precisely because the structures and methods were never questioned, let alone explored.

So my resolution in 2018 is to ensure that a new form of journalism is born.

Because it's about time.