After 133 years, La Presse ditches print

They are putting a sunny spin on their rot, of course. logo_lapresse

Just like good little Canadian journalists always do.

I remember when I was working as a relationships columnist for the Hamilton Spectator in their under-30 insert called Ego, and the paper was forced to reduce its size.

The excuses why this was a good thing never rang true to me when I was in my early 20s, and they don't ring true now. They are doing away with the print because no one is buying the paper.

Being online means they are competing with illiterate DIY propaganda posters, and will lose out in the comparison.

That most of the staff is under 30 is nothing to brag about: it means anyone who would have been earning something resembling a wage was let go, and now the inexperienced and naive cheap labour have been putting it together, such as Canadian magazines such as the Walrus did a few years ago with unpaid interns until the Ontario government put their foot down on the practice.

So now you have the lambs up against corrupt politicians and corporations who know the PR game better than ones out to cover it.

Because it doesn't matter as too many press releases made it into hard news stories.

The switch isn't about the natural progression of technology: it is another nail in a coffin filled with nails.

Putting a perky spin on decay doesn't hide the stench.

La Press is still a corpse.