Canada's journalism's slumber and why the next generation needs to wake up

I came across this article on CBC's website, and it is worth thinking about. From 1950-1965, people who went into one Montreal hospital, many women for postpartum depression became de facto prisoners in a secret concentration camp, run by a doctor on behest of the CIA.

To goal was to "brainwash" these patients with LSD and electroshock therapy.

This isn't a conspiracy theory. This was proven that these patients were unknowing subjects in "experiments" that were torture sessions. No knowledge and no consent.

And it went on in Canada for fifteen years.

To this day, victims and their families are fighting their own government and being bullied into signing nondisclosure agreements.

The government's is using citizens' own tax dollars against them.

So think about it: for fifteen years in Canada, people were going to the hospital, trusting that the doctors were going to help them, not experiment on them by permanently damaging their brains and traumatizing them.

Who would believe these pateitns against the word of respected psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron?

But where were Canadian journalists from 1950-1965?

Praising the authorities in medicine in their news stories as they appealed to their authority.

So even during the height of the profession, hordes of people fell through the cracks.

They still are falling through them, even with Facebook and Twitter. Do not kid yourself.

So at what point do we realize we need the kind of intellectual soldiers to do what society needs them to do -- find the truth, and expose it before things get badly out of hand?