Truth doesn't die

When journalism can no longer be taken at its word, people then believe anything and everything is true. 1101921005_400

People then think whatever they believe is truth, even if what they believe is a lie.


People do not question themselves, only those who say I want facts.

The facts are not found on propaganda posters uploaded on your Facebook page.

Or in your Twitter rants.

Truth is everywhere, but only if you choose to see it.

Every fact must be verified independently with primary sources.

Not what some partisan propaganda mill tells you is true.

You are not stronger or more cunning than the truth.

You cannot kill it with lies.

Or propaganda.

Truth has the last word, the final say, and the last laugh.

It seems that fact-gathering is down, but not out.

Old journalism got psyched out by social media.

Because they did not understand how the house of cards was built.

A new way for fact-gathering can be achieved.

Even if lies seem better than truth.

But a lie about lies is still nothing but a lie.

And a better way is being made...