Memo to the New York Times: Vice media was always worthless trash. It was never cutting edge. When will you yokels ever learn to deal with reality? Yeah, some exposé on Vice.

The New York Times is an oblivious entity, even when it tries to do an exposé. It was publications such as the Times that drooled over garbage-bin worthy dreck like Vice media.

It was founded by white men. Ergo, they must be Great Men. Visionaries.

So Vice got a free ride with its sexist sophistry since the mid 1990s.

Vice is not journalism. It is propagandistic misogyny disguised as cutting edge journalism. If it were science, it would be junk science.

But the mainstream media loved its trash because it oozed of slimy attitude and had a swagger.

And swagger is just a sleight of hand trick of deflection so you do not look at the actual product.

So, now there is a "big revelation" that a sexist media empire treated its female employees like garbage and toilets for the boys to make various attempts to relieve their urges.

Anyone who uses Vice (like, big spoilers in the title, kids!) to be informed is uninformed and supporting misogyny.

Vice was just attitude, the way Fox News is just attitude. No substance, just arrogance masked as something that is not repulsive.

And even now, the Times is still going on how Vice was all these forward-thinking things in terms of product.

No, it wasn't. It was a sham.

And you yokels, as usual, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Any media outlet that does not respect women is a propaganda mill. The end.

I didn't think I would keep writing on this site, as I have other things to attend to at the moment, but I wasn't going to let this go -- Vice is trash with no journalistic value whatsoever, and the New York Times is just silly.

Why is the Times surprised that sexual terrorism went on in that workplace? Do you not know how to read? Every article reeked of gynophobic babble. Their testosterone is too scared of estrogen and it shows.

What took you this long to see the obvious? What cave do you live in? That is Vice's filter and lens -- and it is not an "empire" worth standing. Period.