Memo to Politico: #MeToo isn't about changing history, but ensuring it is no longer misinterpreted. Why journalists are fighting to keep their destructive narratives in place.

One more bonus track because it has to be said. Politico has always been about bad journalism spewing spin and sophistry to hold up a dysfunctional and deceptive status quo.


It cheerleads abusers, making them over into Great Men.

And it is doing it again.

I love the patronizing arrogance of the headline itself: Why we shouldn't let the #MeToo movement change history.

Is that daddy's final word, gentlemen? You won't let us?

Mr. Greenberg, that is not your call.

No one can change history, you idiot. What is done is done.

So the very title itself shows a clear ignorance of reality, which has always been Politico's weakness.

And if you cannot comprehend reality, you can't be a journo.

The end.

No discussion, argument, or debate.

You are just a troll trying to alter the optics and interpretation of reality, and there is a big difference.

What #MeToo did was add new facts to an established narrative, which completely altered how to perceive and interpret a past reality.

We were told by journalists that there were these Great Men, and they should be cheered for their vision and brilliance, because they were innovators and geniuses that were going to save the little people from themselves (and notice no women in this visionary club. How convenient).

Which was absolute baloney. These were grifters who told people a lie, and then made sure the people who benefitted the most was themselves.

Journalists were enablers all along. They knew these were fellow boors, and they did nothing to expose the boorishness that was chewing women up and spitting them out...and should these women speak out, they were called evil, jealous, stupid, disgruntled, crazy, and every other terrible name they could think of.

Until there were way too many of these women speaking out, and then the house of cards collapsed.

So, yes, now, we do have to look at the old narratives with these new facts and re-evaluate just how deceptive the press was all along with their propagandistic boosterism.

So let us get to both truth and reality with those facts, even if the little men of Politico pretend they can forbid us from doing so.

Deal with it, fellas. You may be trying to hold on to those destructive old narratives so that people do not question just how badly you bamboozled them with your rah-rah cheerleading, but there are too many exceptions that have destroyed your rule.

So let's start by demanding realistic coverage as we demand nothing but the truth as it is.