Podcast 10: The Internet is a poisoned well

I am a technophile, but nobody's fool. The Internet is a poisoned well designed to be toxic to your intellectual health: How cult think, magical thinking, astrology, addiction, and quack medicine got rolled into the giant vanity publisher known as the Internet, and why this medium's message is rigged to deceive you.

If you want to know why journalism died, the seeds of its destruction are staring right in front of you as you are fuming at me, and yes, the lol cats were an accidental part of the world's greatest con game of them all.

Podcast is here.

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The articles and video I am referencing are herehere, here, here, here, here, and here.

Not included in the podcast was Facebook's odious announcement here, or this tidbit.

If you have never tried the mind reading card trick, a good one with an explanation is right here.

And worst of all, is the number of libraries and databases that no longer have back issues, databases, or even microfilm of older publications, while the Internet doesn't keep a record of these, either. The Internet is not forever. Records of past chronicles are actually disappearing, or becoming less accessible to the public, like eroding grains of sand.

And what are you doing about it?

Before I sign off...

Memo to Buzzfeed: Comrades, you have been throwing temper tantrums accusing the American president of being in collusion with Russia, but are always pining for their governance system of communism. Grow up, children. You are the reason why the Internet is corrupted beyond repair, even if your pigeons don't see it.

National Post and Toronto Star: No, the Lindsay Shepherd affair's report wasn't a vindication, and the Star's pseudo-wrap-up doesn't answer why she was targeted or how her supervisors came to know about the class. Why would her supervisor care if there was no complaints, and hence, no motive? What was the point of creating that power imbalance where a young female student and employee is shamed and put in the power of her male boss? This was potential ruination of her career, and it has already been seriously damaged as whistleblowers get blacklisted. If the department was not facing any sort of optics problem, then what was the real motive for this case of blatant workplace terrorism? This goes beyond "abuse": why was a false crisis created in the first place? Do not merely regurgitate a report/press release, speculate, or drop hints. Why this young woman was the target is where the real story lies. Grow a pair of ovaries and do your jobs for once.

Vox: Workplace harassment didn't drive women out of journalism: it was mediocre men who knew war strategy and used it against women who were perpetually unprepared who should now stop whining and #MeToo-ing, and start making the strategy to combat those games once and for all. Do not use workplace abuse as an excuse for not succeeding in life. People triumph during wars. Stop portraying women as foregone and innate victims, you horrible people.

The time for tears is over.