The 2017 Sampler is out December 22!

I have done one every year since 2013, and though this venture is on hiatus and will return in a new form, I am not breaking with tradition this year. These are interconnecting short stories told in a matriarchal style, and can be read separately, or together, altering the stories depending on which you read, and in what order you read them.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Five short stories for your entertainment on Kobo and Kindle:

  1. CHASER: The hacktivist detective known as Chaser has to get everything together for the most dangerous career move of them all.
  2. Dwennon Garrison: Eccentric, moody, and just plain grumpy with a permanent case of longing for a lost love, Dwennon is a former journalist and reluctant Illuminati detective who finally breaks away from the past to start a run-down motel room solving mysteries pro bono for the poor and trapped, along with his frenemy Weasel, and his adorable cat Billy.
  3. The Hughes Girls: Join the feisty teenaged cousins as they conduct their own eccentric experiments using the world as their laboratory along with family patriarch Winslow Hughes. In their debut, the Girls wonder if they can figure out whether reality is reality...or just a cleverly disguised dream!
  4. Danni's Wall: A mystery told backwards in time, we find hacker-detective Danni La Croix having a very bad day when her own quest to get fellow hacker Smudge to reveal Chaser's identity is interrupted by a very peculiar murder.
  5. A Goddess Among Us: Thomasina Darlington is a goddess who comes back to Earth to see what's up with the human race along with her dear old friend George. They may be holed up in a dreary small-town, but that doesn't mean George can't make a few international waves on his own!