More Voxaganda to justify ideological bigotry

If you wish to be incited and misinformed for no good reason, go read Vox. photo-2

It is sophistry at its worst.

A couple of recent articles goes to show why Vox is mere comfort propaganda for people who live in the bubble on the Left.

Net neutrality is now officially on life support. Here’s what happens next by Aja Romano is something I'd expect from a high school nerd who thinks they are mature, but has no reasoning abilities:

The vote to repeal came in spite of overwhelming bipartisan support for net neutrality from the public, as the FCC was clearly determined to move ahead with the repeal. Tensions were high during the hearing — and at one point, in the middle of Pai’s remarks, the room was evacuated for about 10 minutes due to an apparent security threat.

Democracy was never based on the number of Facebook likes. It was always based on a model that was based partly on numbers, but always included a rig based on strategy. Rigs are in place to ensure that the chosen leader can do more than a short-term pander: they must have a mind for long-term planning.

The most pronounced form of this rig is the US's electoral college, but Canada's First Past the Post is also a good example.

In the US, the point isn't to grab redundant votes, but strategic ones: you could then just focus all of your resources on populous states, such as New York and California, and then ignore everyone else; so to force candidates to be visionaries that could see the entire country, once you got a majority in a state, you got a fixed number of votes, and it didn't matter if you got every vote, or won by a single vote.

It is a rig that Republicans understand far better than Democrats, and Hillary Clinton did not understand at all.

But neither does Vox.

They are whining that the majority of people want net neutrality. So what? I am also certain a majority of people want a free lifetime supply of beer and getting millions of dollars without working.

And what did this majority do to ensure net neutrality? Post someone else's DIY propaganda posters on their Facebook feed. Use the proper hashtag on Twitter? Sign a petition on

None of that means very much. That is venting, not (a) showing your stance, or (b) proving you have teeth that will bite if your interests are threatened.

That Vox does not understand its own environment is chilling: we have people reporting on things based on childish assumptions and discuss things they know nothing about.

It is no different than a random Facebook feed.

It Vox likes to pretend it knows something, with headings such as "The Big Idea", which it has yet to deliver.

The left shouldn't make peace with neocons — even to defeat Trump by Robin Wright is one of those typical Voxaganda pieces that likes to commit various acts of political and ideological discrimination as it wishes to incite wars for no good reason.

The most interesting weakness of the article comes here:

Again, I say: I’m not. I’ve advocated something called “mindful resistance,” and one thing it entails is figuring out what array of forces created Trumpism so we can attack the problem at its roots. Well, (IMHO) there are few people who have more influentially abetted those forces than Bill Kristol.

Well then, Wright should consider to sever all tie with the Left as they ignored constituents who had repeatedly demanded that their economic plights be addressed by them.

Hillary Clinton and her ilk deliberately ignored them because it didn't fit the narrative.

Linear divides are not reality. They are hypothetical constructs, and Vox actively and repeatedly exploits them. What mindful resistance is, in fact, is deliberate exclusion and discrimination: we do not factor in other people's wants and needs because we have created a false pecking order, where, of course, we are right and "they" are wrong.

What we have right now is ideological anarchy with people shaming anyone who does not applaud their sophistry and decrees.

What democracy actually needs is sensibility, humility, and most of all, facts. Not sway or spin on facts, just facts.

Facts that people can take to the bank. Facts that have been found, vetted, tested, and analyzed.

Online news sources, far from being superior to the traditional print ones, have been, in fact, far, far, worse.

There is the reason for why publication like Vox have been instrumental in the death of journalism, and something I will discuss in the coming days.

But suffice to say, the Internet's inherent rigs make it the propagandist's medium, and, as, Marshall McLuhan, once said, the medium is the message, Vox proves this medium is a grifter ready to fleece its pigeons -- of their active critical and free thought and skepticism.