Memo to the GOP: You didn't lose because of the president. You lost because you are dysfunctional. Why Republicans have had a free ride for too long.

I always said that Donald Trump was not a Republican. He is a pragmatist, outsider, and spoiler. That is why the Democrats absolutely despise him. He is what they have pretended to be: individuals who are above it all.

But the GOP also despised him from the get-go. None of them supported him when he was a candidate, and even when he was president. The reason Trump managed to make it all the way to the top was that he saw his chance. Clinton was running, and anyone with half a brain cell could have beaten her.

She had too many weaknesses as a candidate. She needed so much propping up, that you knew she wasn't the natural choice the Dems wanted people to believe. The mainstream media may have been gullible enough, but deep down, everyone knew she was the wrong woman for the job, including Donald Trump.

So he went in through the Republican Party because he needed a weak opponent to trounce.


The first step was the hardest because of heir apparent Jeb Bush.

If Trump could take down Bush, the rest was a cakewalk.

Because as dysfunctional as the Dems are, so are the GOP. The difference is the GOP have voters who believe it is their divine civic duty to go to the ballots and vote, and the GOP has always taken them for granted.

But Trump didn't. With Bush out of the way, it was not as difficult, given that the Republicans take their fortunes for granted, and are not the street fighters Trump is. Trump marched straight into the White House.

If the GOP had its way, it would be Bush in there, and their delusions of competency could go on unchallenged.

But they were challenged, but they were still in denial until last night when their troll Roy Moore lost in a squeaker.

And now the GOP are throwing Democrat-sized temper tantrums, blaming Trump for the loss.

My favourite sophistry quote from the article is this one:

“I think President Trump’s favorability ratings, I’ve got to be honest about it, they’re certainly not helpful,” said Robin Vos, the Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly. “If it were up to me, I would try to have him showcase more of the good things that he is doing as opposed to picking arguments with whoever it would be. I don’t think that’s helpful to me as an elected official.”

Which is rubbish. Trump was not responsible for this loss. It is the dysfunction of the GOP that is now catching up to them. The Republicans took far too much for granted, going for a Steve Bannon-backed candidate because they thought Bannon was the brains behind Trump and the king-maker, and he was merely a pawn.

Now that segments of the Left are getting worked up, there will be challenges the GOP will finally have to face. Their arrogance and authoritative games will make damage to the party, but as this is the only trick they know, they will keep using it with diminishing success.

But for people who think this is a sign of Trump going away, they are mistaken: the Right could have won Alabama if they had a better pulse on the nation. They keep thinking that all they had to do was snap their fingers, and the servant voters were going to run to the booths and do their trick.

They way journalists did the same thing over a year ago.

There is a different wind in the air and that telling those in power stop abusing us. 

It is a whisper that should put politicians on notice.

But for the robber barons who have been making billions as their workers are struggling because their fair share has been stolen by their own employers, they should also be listening.

You are not as cunning as you think you are. You are having power because of the goodwill of the people who are just starting to remember they can prevent you from taking another grain from them.

Roy Moore learned that the hard way last night, and it is only the beginning.

For 2018, many power brokers will be in for shocks and jolts as their delusions of grandeur and competency are proven to be just that.