Just how clueless are journalists about what goes on in their own newsrooms?

Oh, very clueless. the-new-yorker-logo

They never know when their outlet has been sold, or even to whom, as I have chronicled elsewhere.

But I found this article on the firing of The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza interesting for this tidbit:

Upon hearing of Lizza’s dismissal from the magazine, a CNN spokesperson told The Daily Beast: “We have just learned of the New Yorker’s decision. Ryan Lizza will not appear on CNN while we look into this matter.”

According to an insider source, as of close-of-business early Monday evening, a company-wide New Yorker or Condé Nast email on the Lizza situation had yet to be sent to staff. Employees were left to check Twitter, gossip amongst themselves, and read the news to try to discern what was going on.

They are so clueless, that even their employers have no respect for them, and do not care how bad they will look being ignorant of their own environment.

How much more evidence do reporters need before they admit they are completely dysfunctional as a profession?