The myth of free speech, and CP24's firing of Stephen LeDrew

Bell Media owns too much media in Canada, and as such, we are a journalistic oligarchy. That means there is no such thing as free speech in this country. The pickings are slim, government-funded, nepotistic, and very, very archaic. No journalistic innovation here.

One of the products Bell Media owns is CP24, which is nothing more than shallow and fragmented pseudo-journalism.


Stephen LeDrew got himself suspended and then fired from there.

Why did he get the boot?

Pick your reasons: He was on Fox News as a guest on Tucker Carlson's program. He was discussing LGBT issues in Canada -- country where people live for othering -- though he admitted he wasn't all that knowledgable on the topic and then made a guess about what "two spirits" meant, and then some people got offended on Twitter.

Then he was out of a job. He wasn't supposed to go on a "competitor's" show without permission, or he just didn't have the right opinion, it doesn't matter.

There is no such thing as free speech in Canada. You can say certain acceptable things, but one grain off the mark, and you are discarded because there is no shortage of replacements.

So long as your are bland, unoffensive, and ill-informed.