Memo to CJR: The media had more than just one terrible, horrible, no good very bad week. They've had about two decades of them. Why the news media really needs to grow up.

CJR is everybody's fool, judging by the immature observations on display in this article. Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 2.31.25 PM

It is hardly in any position to help journalism, only enable its rot.

But let's get back to the usual nincompoopity of the CJR:

Reporters make mistakes, of course, and when they do, they correct, explain, and move on. Three mistakes that all erred in the same direction—that is, the initial, incorrect reporting was worse for Trump than what actually happened—won’t help journalists regain the trust among Trump’s supporters, many of whom believe that the media is out to get him.

No, they don't. They make excuses, justify, and then only when they are backed against the wall, do they admit error, but in such a way that they still excuse it. In the cases referred to by CJR, none of these outlets (CNN, Reuters, ABC) owned up right away -- they repeated tried to spin their error as anything but an error.

And it goes so much further than Trump. Poor Richard Jewell, a man who actually did his job and helped during the Olympic Park Bombing was at first hailed a hero, before being deemed a villain -- by the time he was exonerated, the press went kicking and screaming toward an apology, and even then, they always justified what they did by deferring to authorities and maintaining they thought they were right. My first book looks at that breakdown as well as countless others before 2005, meaning this was happening long before Trump.

My upcoming book looks at what has happened to journalism since -- including but not limited to 60 Minutes' bungling of Benghazi (touting a source as truthful when he not only was not -- but also had a book deal with a subsidiary of CBS, meaning the entire segment was an advertorial for a book and not a real story).

And even in this article, CJR still doesn't get it. It keeps insisting on a false narrative that only pro-Trump people distrust the media, when their own polling numbers show that it goes way beyond people who voted for Trump.

As an author who actually does this thing called research, I do not trust the news media, either, and I would not have voted for Trump, either. The press is still in denial that it is just trying to "get through" to those silly little people who insist on supporting the president.

It has nothing to do with the president.

The press constantly gets it wrong, as in, they are not getting it right. It is not just Trump.


It is because the entire system of reportage is based on unscientific principles that were created on the fly in an age where a mass audience was not their competition. They are sticking to something that never worked, but they were led to believe it did because there was no actual way for people to expose it.

Now that there is an Internet, all those old ghosts have come back to haunt journalism.

It is a discipline based on tradition, not evidence.

That's why the news media is now bungling every left, right, and centre,

They are like horses with blinders trained to go down a certain path, and now that path is blocked, but instead of taking off the blinders, jettisoning the cargo and its back, and just going in a new direction, it keeps trying to do what it always did before.

CJR is not the vehicle to see the problems. It is one of the reasons the profession collapsed in the first place.