Just as you thought the National Post could not be stupider when it comes to #MeToo...

Christie Blatchford opened her mouth. She perhaps is the worst columnist Canada ever had, but "quality" and "journalism" were never words that could go together in Canada. She is a misogynist's dream woman: attack and blame other women on cue, defend men whose testosterone is not strong enough to deal with the slightest trace of estrogen, and then use all sorts of sophistry to deflect attention away from the truth. She has never been an actual journalist, only an apologist for authorities.

She has been whining about the #MeToo movement from day one, and today's contrived and manipulative offering has been no different.

The demented reasoning this time? Well, now this movement is making predatory men seem worse than they are, and that really, they aren't that bad.

No, Ms. Blatchford, it has been far worse.

Or do you think Matt Lauer had a good reason to have a button on his desk to lock his office, or that Harvey Weinstein had a right to rape Rose McGowan?

Are you really going to be an apologist for psychopathic behaviour?

The propagandists at the Post have never been in tune with reality, but let us apply Ms. Blatchford's archaic form of demented logic elsewhere:

All these rape victims, should just shut up once already because they talk about it all the time, and really, it is time they just got over it, and we talk about something more important, like what socks the prime minister wore this morning.

All these people who have spent decades in jail for crimes they didn't commit should shut up about it because they got free room and board and the justice system isn't as bad as they say it is.

Cancer patients should also just stop talking about all that depressing cancer stuff once already because they lived long enough, and we shouldn't be talking about it because it's just a witch hunt against cancer cells.

And murder! We should just not talk about killers because they probably aren't as bad as most crime reporters portray them. I am getting particularly bored hearing about all Aboriginal Women getting killed or disappearing, and the press should just stop reporting it. If it goes on, people might get an idea that there is some sort of genocide going on against them.

Memo to self-loathing women such as Christie Blatchford: #MeToo is a volcano that erupted because that's what happens when you try to suppress abuse for a prolonged period of time. It erupted thanks to twits like you who were always trying to shut down other women who were getting abused at work, and then trying to spin a false narrative the women are nothing but shrews and liars who use sex to get things.

Perhaps that is the way you always operated, Ms Blatchford, but that was never the way I operated, and I am not an anomaly.

People get abused at work every single day. It doesn't go away. It never goes away. It can get better when everyone stands up to tyrants and robber barons who made it on terrorizing other people.

But when people keep quiet, it gets worse because there is no one to stand up to them, and abusers never know when to quit.

We have multi-billionaires who got that wealthy not because they are brilliant, but because they exploited workers, lobbied for laws to favour their interests, and managed to get the press to hide their sins and give them fawning press coverage.

And then, when we hear about workers falling asleep at the job as they cannot afford to live in a shack and are sleeping in their broke-down car, the world gets surprised.

If you can mistreat your employees by starving them and giving them precarious employment, it is not a stretch to force them to do other degrading things.

That women in the communications industry are finally speaking out instead of continuing a Stepford lie that everything is just happy, happy, happy and they should be envied should not come as any surprise.

In fact, hard news stories about women's treatment in the workplace should not be a one-off issue: it should have a permanent place in a legitimate news producing vehicle.

That's right: it should be a regular beat.

Women make up over half the population, but we do not have hard news segments to what matters to them.

You know, to inform women of the things that will impact their daily lives, and yes, how their workplace is functioning is extremely important.

Journalism always catered to men, as women are not even afterthoughts to them. Journalists were always waitresses, maids, and nannies to the Great Men (not the everyman) whose egos need constant reassuring because deep in their marrow, they know what they are doing is vile, heartless, but most of all, a sham.

And wrong.

Blatchford is not a journalist, but a nanny, trying to clean up the messes of the brats and shut out any fact based in truth and reality that the journalism business is a rotten place that has caused many problems in modern society.

She may be a misogynist's best friend, but she is no friend to the truth.