Quite possibly, the stupidest column on sexual harassment ever written. National Post, just how far have you sunk?

Journalism was never science. It has never even been social science. It always was a profession that made a name for itself informing millions of people on the fly with no context or mechanisms to put information in proper context without sophistry. Once upon a time this primitive form of information-gathering was acceptable since no one really knew any better, but as societies around the world progressed and people became more educated, that sloppy neglect no longer should have been tolerated.

But is still being actively tolerated, and even celebrated by the press as being a method without reproach, leading to infecting information disseminated to the public.

Case in point, a recent column by Jen Gerson for the National Post called The Weinstein Effect is the first cultural victory social conservatives have scored in decades.


The entire premise of this dreck is that somehow, demanding that the default behaviour at the workplace is to treat everyone with respect and dignity as everyone just do their jobs, is somehow social conservatism.

Sex has nothing to do with what we call sexual harassment. It's a misnomer. It should be relabeled workplace terrorism or workplace abuse. It has nothing to do with sex: it is a psychological weapon and a stratagem of war: you want to dominate and control your environment that you view as a battleground. You want to be on the top of a pecking order. Your abilities are mediocre, but you want to prove a point that your cunning is more valuable than talent, brains, diligence, honour, and morality combined.

So you play games to take down the competition, ensuring everyone loses focuses and fears you, so they cannot do their best, or think to challenge you.

So, if you have no creative ideas, you plagiarize and steal other people's ideas because they are too busy researching and thinking to schmooze and case ideas to raid as their own.

You start to gossip and isolate potential stars in the workplace so that everyone hates them so they cannot get promoted or bring the "troops" together on their side.

You encourage people to do things that will taint their reputation, so you can blackmail them into bringing you along with them to different departments -- and when you part ways, you have something to smear them with so they either lose clout, or just lose their jobs.

Nothing personal.

Just as you also sexually harass underlings who you see as a threat.

It is a siege by attacking someone to make them feel as small, helpless, and vulnerable as they possibly can.

Harvey Weinstein turned actresses into disposable toilet paper: he built them up, and then, just as they began to feel confident enough...

He used them, reminded them who was predator and who was prey. There would be no more feeling pride about their job again. They became afraid, lost focus and confidence, and he went on to secure his power as they all began to fade and never reach their potential because they could feel no security in their chosen profession.

It was the same reasoning for the September 11 attacks -- it was bringing emotional anarchy to a place where you make your living and life. There is no escape, and your haven turns into your prison.

Predators are not attracted to people they sexually harass -- they see them as threats to be neutralized and turned into pawns to do their bidding. They see these people with contempt and jealousy, not lust.

The abused will show fear on their faces, signalling to the uninitiated that they have no reason to feel safe or brave, and the seeds of destruction are planted.

And in the case of Al Franken, a coworker cannot even have the luxury of necessary sleep before she is degraded and a trophy of her vulnerability is taken.

For Roger Ailes, it was to let the female employees know there was no getting away from the Great Man who was a god who knew all, and saw all.

It was a game of Go to these men, not sex. They use what works, and if the first women who were attacked had been champion boxers who were given advanced warning, and beat the garbage out of those men as they filmed it and posted it in public -- believe me, those predators would switch to some other form of combat.

And to the clueless Ms Gerson, workplace terrorism was happening long before the sexual revolution.

It's not about the sex, you stupid, stupid twit. Take off your little blinders and have a look around your own toxic newsroom with your thinking mode turned on.

To equate demanding dignity and the right to do your job and be properly compensated for it is not about social conservatism.

It is about being civilized and a normal human being, something the Post obviously knows nothing about.

It is not about being on the Left or the Right, you binary woman. It is about wanting to do your job without having losers sabotage you.

Just get out of my way.

But that ignorant thinking permeates through newsrooms, and it should come as no surprise that journalism is rife with incompetent predators who cannot actually do their jobs, hijacked the profession, and then destroyed it, but are still trying to draw a pay check as they are not held accountable for their own nicompoopity.

Do not be surprised that journalism is no longer a thing.

The workplace terrorists burned that profession to the ground a long time ago, and honestly believe the tripe they allowed to be disseminated in their papers has something that resembles intellectual value.

It doesn't.

That column is ignorance in its purest form.

And proves only one thing: that an irresponsible press has no business being in business at all.