Media criticism also used to be a thing

It is not anymore. American Journalism Review was the poor cousin of Columbia Journalism Review, but it is no longer an active thing.


CNN still has its Reliable Sources, but it is to media criticism as expired junk food found in a dumpster is to nutrition.


Considering the number of major snafus the network racked up this year alone, you would think they would be discussing their bad reportage in earnest, but no such luck.

They do like to pat themselves on the shoulders, however, and keep the propagandistic and romanticized notions of their profession. Deluded is not a good trait to have when trying to analyze one's abilities to do your job competently.

Once upon a time as well, in Canada, most provinces had their own press council, but since 2015, they have lumped together as the National NewsMedia Council.


As they never had any teeth to begin with, and are self-regulatory, their influence is nil, and most people do not even bother to complain to them, when they can Trump it on Twitter.

There are the partisan media "watchdog" organizations, but they, too, have not done anything to actually improve the profession.

Journalists may love to criticize others, but they do not believe they deserve to be criticized themselves.

And it is the reason why both the profession, and their so-called minders, have wasted away as no one really noticed.