Kettle Black, Pot Says: Why Fox News and NBC are no better or different than the GOP and the Dems.

I wrote a book about the Fox News Channel in 2005, and while a lot has happened since then, nothing much has actually changed. They are still a partisan outfit who go in with the narrative that they know everything and will happily tell you what to think. og-fox-news

And now they are gleefully telling the little people that NBC is a bad place because they are not getting an independent investigator into the Matt Lauer Affair.

Should NBC get one? Of course they should, but they do not want to because Lauer's antics are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the late 1990s, I had gotten a gig at a magazine to write a cover story about the 10 best places to work, and how to get a job there. One of the places was NBC. This would have been a huge breakthrough for me as a journalist (spoiler alert), and my first cover story.

So, I called NBC to get my interview subjects, and I told various people on the phone who I was, what publication I was writing for, and the reason I was calling.

The numerous responses I got were all very similar:

"Oh no, this is the worst place to work. I am not kidding. It is horrible."

"Here? It's the absolute worst place. Believe me. Nobody wants a job here."

"No, listen to me. This is a terrible place to work."

Sadly, the magazine went bust one month before my story came out; and it never saw the light of day.

None of the other places had even a remotely similar response.

No one told me what made the place so bad, that veteran people working at a national communications profession would tell a reporter to get out of Dodge.

I got the memo that it was a very bad place to work.

So when the upper echelons of NBC do not want prying eyes there, there may be a very good reason for it.

But Fox News is not one to talk, though.

Or have we forgotten all about Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes?

Their workplace was just as terrible, and unlike my star-crossed magazine story, I wrote an entire book about the vixen network's rot, and knew the mindset cold.

It is a game of multiple deflections: NBC does not want an independent investigator to see how bad their workplace happens to be.

But Fox is jumping on the story, hoping to deflect attention away from the sordid history of workplace abuse as well.

And judging by the number of men in journalism who lost their jobs for their boorishness today alone, the profession has some sick problem plaguing it.

But when it comes to NBC and Fox, one is no better than the other. They are opposite sides of the same coin.

Which brings us to Al Franken and Roy Moore; two men who have no business in being of charge of a hot dog stand, let alone a senate seat.

Al Franken is a champion of Al Franken, and he played it cunningly for a very long time. He merely outsmarted everyone, including himself.

The Dems did not want to get rid of a valuable pawn, but they had no choice, being backed into a corner by their own war manual Rules for Radicals, except they have pretty much admitted they had to get rid of him, not want to because they objected to his behaviour.

They dropped him so they could go after a boor by the name of Roy Moore.

And not that they shouldn't go after Moore. He is a boor of the worst sort.

But the GOP are just as worthless to women as the Dems: by keeping Moore, and not kicking him to the curb, they are just as hypocritical as their so-called political rivals.

Because they are not really rivals: they are made of the same defective ilk. If the GOP wanted to prove they were better than the Democrats, they would have turfed out Moore willingly, and not make passive aggressive swipes how they were forced to do it in the name of optics.

Moore has no abilities. He is a liability. He is easily expendable, like all politicians.

So why keep him? Because you are just as slimy, and you do not want other people to know of your inherent trashiness?

Don't worry; everyone already knows who you are.

But female voters shouldn't put up with the Al Frankens or the Roy Moores.

Both parties have proven to be inert when it comes to championing women's issues.

That's ignoring one half of the population.

And in 2017, women have no excuse to wasting their lives trudging up to a polling station and voting for a man who clearly has no respect for women.

Ladies, you can do a lot better than Moore.

You don't like the Democrats? Fine, find someone who will look after your interests and give you independence within a party you feel comfortable with.

But to blindly vote for a degenerate, regardless of of their political affiliation, turns the democratic process into a sham.

The problem is we have institutions that merely pretend to be different than the other one, when they all do the same rotten things in the same rotten way.

And it is time to acknowledge it and put a stop to it once and for all.