Why the Canadian journalism fell into the abyss

The Global Times almost got it right when it said:

The superiority and narcissism of the Canadian media, that Canada is being pursued by China, is beyond words.

Well, they shouldn't be talking, either. Egotism and journalism have been going together for a very long time.

And it is the reason journalism collapsed. Hubris is a bad quality to have when you are a news producer.

But in Canada, the collapse has been far more pronounced because of the small population, coupled with government enabling an industry through their welfare payments/government grants. Even so-called "private" broadcasters received money from the government, or they wouldn't be functioning.

The National Post's Andrew Coyne was letting a green-eyed monster guest-write his column lamenting how CBC wants to charge five bucks a month for "premium" access to their latest app.


It won't help Canadian journalism's fortunes. When you took an easy way out by applauding your prime minister's penchant for taking selfies, you have signalled to potential news consumers that everything in their country is fine, and no one needs to bother getting informed because you are not the outlet to do it.

And with the press consistently talking down to people, their fortunes can only go downhill from there.

But it was all propped up with government paying for everything one way or another, but as the tax base erodes, there is less money to fund things.

So Canadian news producers never actually understood how the world really worked.

Just like the teenager who lives rent-free in their parents' house and then looks down on the homeless kids whose parents threw them out.

And then has the gall to go up to the dispossessed ones and tell them what they should do because he knows better.

Journalists desperately need more than just a humbling, but their arrogance has gotten more out of control as they lose their own power and clout.

CBC is the kid who is heavily subsidized by the Bank of Mom and Dad, and their coverage reflects their perpetual ignorance of the world.

Because their interpretation of reality has been tainted by their confining perceptions.

They can charge for their service, but it's not going to save their fortunes.

Because they are disconnected from reality.

But there is no credible alternative to take their place. Nothing will reignite the need for news so long as there is no alternative way to journalism.

And we need that alternative now.

Not just in Canada, but everywhere else in the world, including China, because for all their clout, their journalistic innovations and contributions to news producing leaves just as much to be desired.

And when you realize an entire planet filled with educated people have not done a thing with it, it is a very disturbing truth to face.