The media week that it has been...

Bad week ABC.



National, major outlets who have all called their target of disdain on the carpet for being loose with the facts.

On a major story.

Not Balloon Boy.

Not Christianity is Stupid.

But a real story.

The fact that these mistakes all involve the same basic story is a sign of alarm. The press has already made up its mind how this story is going to play and they are not letting the facts get in the way of their narrative.

But journalists are ill-equipped to inform the public. Their fortunes are falling, and they never got over the fact that they had lost the war.

It is not as if they were doing it well before: it's just before, people could not get on a true public broadcasting media, such as Twitter, WordPress, or Facebook, and tell other people what was really happening.

There will be bigger errors coming. There will be more meltdowns.

Sooner or later, a fact will have to be faced: that North American journalism has collapsed, and then exploded like a nuclear bomb.

And something serious will have to be done to stop it before a new model emerges.