Why Time magazine's Person of the Year is really a Trojan horse: Why settling for a little positive press is a losing strategy.

The Silence Breakers has done more damage to women's causes than what many people can possibly imagine. As I have said not too long ago, the omission of Kesha nullified the piece.

But what about Gretchen Carlson?

She also was a Me, not a #MeToo, and though it was through her very wise decision to record the notorious surveillance-freak and woman tormentor Roger Ailes, she wasn't rehired at some other news outfit after exposing him.

And that tells you an awful lot.

The Time article suffered a devastating confirmation bias. It reported only facts that fit into a deceptive narrative.

Gian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby walked away from the courts. Kesha is being sued.

And those omissions alone should have any woman who purports to be an advocate for women's rights deeply concerned.

But women have been trained well through their childhood bedtime stories. You look for the ray of light, and the Happily Ever After that wraps up the trouble after Prince Charming arrives, and the Time article is no different.

The captured princess screams help! and then the rescuers come racing along.

The Silence Breakers are the princesses who screamed help.

And then the calvary came along.

That is the subtext of the story, that never bothered to wonder why the #MeToos were talking about instances of abuse that look place years ago.

Not minutes ago, hours ago, or even days before.

Have we already forgotten why Rose McGowan stayed silent for a couple of decades?

We still have nondisclosure agreements in place.

What about women who are getting abused at work right now?

Are those agreements distorting our understanding of reality.

Yes, they are, no thanks to Time magazine.

It reported only information that confirms a narrative, not the facts that will refute it.

This gives women a very skewed and inaccurate report on the reality they will be facing.

They aren't being warned that taking legal steps may, in fact, bankrupt them.

Sheryl Sandberg has already warned women that there may be consequences on the employment front: that women will be held back or not hired to keep things simpler for the company.

But I would add that companies would be more likely to screen for women who were or would be more likely to be vocal about it, something not addressed in the article.

Then there is the  misconception the article has managed to pollute the information stream with, is that things will get better for women in general.


But worst of all, there no mention of crisis management firms or lawyers getting lined up for the next battle.

Oh, did you think the war was won, ladies?

It hasn't even begun.

And that is the problem with Patriarchal story structures favoured by journalists: it is binary, and insists of calling a winner and then walking away, when things aren't over because the next news cycle needs to be churned out.

And when women are constantly looking for positive news and false victories, defeat ambushes them.

That is why we still have sexual predators in positions of power in 2017.

And will still have them in 2018.

You are in a fight for your life, whether you want to be or not. You do not look for victories or savour battles won because then you lose focus and start to think you have won a war when you have not.

You can even win every battle, but ultimately lose the war.

You fight wars with focus. You ignore your battles that you won, and concentrate on finding battles you are losing or can lose, and you do not stop to pat yourself on the shoulder, or worse, look to your enemies to pat you on the head to congratulate you on winning a battle.

You do not stop until you turn over every rock, and you see no more danger, and realize the war was won.

Then your job is done.

But women have been conditioned since birth to believe that a woman's work is never done.

No, it won't be done if you keep looking for validation because rivals and enemies alike will figure out how to neutralize you as a threat by praising you every once in a while.

But when you have a goal and don't stop or compromise until you reach it, then yes, a woman's work is done.

So no thank you Time magazine: you keep your paper crowns to yourself.

There is a war to be won.

One that should have never been allowed to rage for hundreds of years in the first place -- the needless war against women by not allowing them to have dignity in the workplace so that the world can progress and flourish for us all.