The CNN problem: Why the #MeToo movement is meaningless and why nothing will change with mere slacktivism alone.

Dylan Farrow's Op-Ed piece has made a very astute observation and a very good point: #MeToo has not done as much as people believe -- or at least, what the press portrays its effects. Too many abusers are still left unscathed. But the reason why #MeToo is not the revolution it purports to be is simple: the mindsets of those in power have not altered one jot, meaning nothing has actually changed. A few old and over-priced relics have been booted, but they will be replaced by cheaper and cagier boors with better PR and lawyers behind them, as they ensure stronger nondisclosure clauses and vetting female employees, ensuring the ones who will stand up for themselves will never get hired.

Hello! Welcome to reality.

Or did you think the fairytales of things all wrapping up nicely forever as the bad guys were chastened was reality?

How often do you admit you are wrong in a public forum, and then fundamentally question your own beliefs and then make changes in your thought patterns and actions if you do not absolutely have to change?

Case in point: CNN.

They made a serious journalistic blunder.

But it was not their only blunder on this story arc.

This is chronic habit with this network. They learned nothing from a couple of months ago.

They are not being held accountable. People complain, but no systemic changes.

Because deep down, they do not care and don't see what is wrong with their broken down model of news production.

Like #MeToo, slacktivism is not going to improve anything.

At the national broadcasting level, employees sign nondisclosure agreements, meaning alleged news organizations, such as CNN can put out a couple of news releases promising to do better, then go right on being information corrupters with their shoddy reportage.

When the well-funded Project Veritas released embarrassing recordings of the level of unprofessionalism at the network, the brutes bided their time until Veritas inevitably made a tactical blunder with their unscientific approach to uncovering the real rot in newsrooms, and then Chris Cilliza shot back with a very shoddy swipe at the organization entitled, What James O'Keefe doesn't get about the media.

He even tried to engage in some hypocritical mental gymnastics, proclaiming the group's recordings of CNN producers shooting off their big mouths were not reliable because they were edited.

You know, the way CNN and every other news outlet highly edits their every news story, leaving out more stuff than they actually air. Nice try, Mr. Cilliza, not buying what you are selling.

But what O'Keefe does not "get" about the CNN, and I do is this: CNN uses a few old tricks to deflect attention from their very bad reportage. Offense is the best defence. Go attack a target and they will be so busy trying to prove you wrong, that they lose focus.

CNN is a Goliath, but it is one that is far frailer and weaker than they first appear: the Fox News Channel sized them up, and then destroyed their base with their own partisan carny games.

CNN does not actually produce a lot of new stories. They recycle a few bits, and then stretch it out with endless gossiping and speculating of what those facts supposedly mean. Like the FNC, it is not a news outfit, but a pundit and opinion outfit.

So little information comes out, but out of all those tidbits, most come from PR firms. Press releases. Press conference. Video news releases. Strategic leakers. Spokespeople.

Then there is merely rehashing and rewriting wire stories contracted out by third party news gatherers.

And then top if off with celebrity gossip and advertorials.

So their strength in the actual news gathering is not as crack as one is lead to believe.

Now take all of that and square it with their forays into fake news.

They are not capable of actual reporting. The Boys of Baghdad are but a distant memory.

It is now a propaganda mill, but this time, mistakes are actually being exposed, thanks to the Internet liberating voices that once would never have a chance to speak out.

But those voices are not enough. CNN is still churning out lies and not being made to own those errors or the consequences.

And that is the reason those who cling on to #MeToo should realize the mere fact of speaking out is not enough to stop tyrants. A few will be kicked out, but the mechanisms will not change.

And the same nightmare will be relived.