CNN apparently likes the way ABC misreports the news

Because they like to report false information in the same way, too. Obviously, American broadcast "journalism" is fraught with too many people who do not understand the process of vetting information and verifying what you have.

No, CNN, it wasn't a bombshell. Just you bombing at your job.

Once again.

When it comes to Trump, the news media has such a burning hatred of the man, they are incapable of doing basic things.

Al Franken resigned kicking and screaming, even though he wasn't sorry, and had no idea why his cunning failed him this time.

The same should be happening to North American journalists.

An alternative news gathering process should really just hold an intervention, stop these spoiled brats from polluting the information stream, and just report on facts as they come with context, and without the "Look at us!" narcissism that has destroyed that profession.