Al Franken's bad day, Hillary Clinton's even worse day, and why Donald Trump has become America's Spoiler

As a Canadian, I am not caught up into American political tidal waves. I merely ride them as I get a feel for both the zeitgeist -- and the ortgeist. So let's just get right down to the dirty business of American politics, and why the Left have become political nerds.

In the 1960s the Left were the freaks, outsiders, and long-haired weirdoes to be feared. The Right was the Establishment and they made decrees what was to be considered "moral," even if they did not think those rules applied to them -- or that they would ever be held accountable because they had power and control.

By 2008, the Right became the freaks, outsiders, and just plain weirdoes to be feared. The Left became the Establishment and they made decrees what was to be considered "moral," even if they did not think those rules applied to them -- or that they would ever be held accountable because they had power and control.

So, what we have are opposite sides of the same coin. While the content of thought was contrived polar opposites, the more important structure of thought was absolutely identical. They are made of the same substance; it is just one side panders to one psychographic, while the other takes care of the other.

It was just fine and dandy for everyone until some 70-year-old real estate mogul/casino operator/reality show host decided that running for president via Twitter was a really cool idea.

The media, who are xenophobic and anal by nature, despises anything that veers off course of their scripts because that actually involves thinking and research. They do not want people to realize they are clueless nerds who don't actually have a feel for reality or an eye for truth. It is easy to make predictions when things have been rigged and everyone knows their place, but when a spoiler comes out to turn over your rules to break them, your façade of oracle shatters right along with it.

I knew exactly how things were going to play out. I am not an oracle, but I am sensible.

Hillary Clinton is conniving, but she thinks she is the smartest person on the planet. She actually played out this election like a true Bond villain, complete with a death machine that was going to malfunction because James Bond/Donald Trump is not a man confined by other people's scripts. He is a true maverick and self-indulgent eccentric who is a lot shrewder and cunning than either the Left or the Right ever give him credit for.

And what defective death machine did Hillary think was going to do Bond/Trump in?

Oh, this.

His exchange with Billy Bush. That was going to do him in, mwah ha ha, and all that jazz.

Except Ms. Clinton forgot that she was not one to talk.

That whole thing with her philandering husband who was getting it on with an intern right in his office/house was one for the books.

And said death machine blew up in her face as voters snickered at the contrived gambit, and she lost to a political neophyte who thought running for his country's highest office was a great start.

Her own anti-feminist history made the tape backfire because while Trump never claimed to be a champion of women or a feminist, she was always exploiting those angles during her campaign.

In other words, the content of the message was contradicted by its very structure.

Practice what you preach, dearie.

She had been so blindsided, that she didn't even give a concession speech on the night of her loss.

No, she didn't bother to write one -- a perfect jinx to ensuring that you lose.

Most movie villains never write concession speeches, either.

The Left should have learned a Very Valuable Lesson, but their narrative of being intellectually superior and more cunning than everyone else blinded them to the obvious.

And now Al Franken stood stewing behind a dais today. He looked livid as he had to concede defeat, but not without jabbing Trump, and I am certain he still has no idea why Trump outlasted him.

To paraphrase myself:

His own anti-feminist history made the attacks on his target of hatred useless because while Trump never claimed to be a champion of women or a feminist, Franken was always exploiting those angles during his campaign and tenure as a senator.

Franken is a cunning man. He would not have made it in both television and politics if he were an idiot.

He is just like Trump -- someone else who made it in both television and politics.

The difference is Trump is an outsider, while Franken had the shield of the Democrats to propel him.

And when you have a shield, that means you are more vulnerable than the one who can wade into an eye of a storm by yourself on your own terms.

Trump is the Left's absolute worst nightmare: he is the kind of rebel hero countless Hollywood films that have been churned out over the decades to prime and groom us to admire and cheer on. He is Batman. He is Elle Woods. He is Black Mamba. He is Dirty Harry. He is Jules Winfield. He is Han Solo.

And he is the bane of the Left's existence.

Those films had a purpose: they were a guide to show freaks, outsiders, and long-haired weirdoes how to win wars, and gain control of the societal narrative. They were targeted to the young, and it was the way the Left indoctrinated young minds into joining their cause, making absolutely certain that the model would never appeal to people on the Right.

Not once did they think that someone who had no political affinity to either camp would be able to make use of those ruses.

That is why, regardless of your feelings on the man, Trump has become America's Spoiler. He has proven every Establishment rule to be a silly line in the sand, that so-called experts know nothing, and that people who thought they were cunning, were actually just conniving, and very, very gullible as they grossly underestimated the intelligence levels of their rivals.

The irony of all of this meta-spoiling has not been lost on me: America has perfected the rules of upsetting the power base of other people, and now one of their own has spoiled all of their rules.

It is the reason why the howls and the wails of the Left are still going on: they cannot believe they have lost the war, and that all those decades of building the perfect death machine just went kablooey.

They are seeking revenge and building a new death machine instead of just getting on with their lives, making amends to all of the people and groups they exploited as they made false promises, and try again, this time, in earnest and in a more humble frame of mind.