Why journalism is always playing catch up

I have written about Al Franken here, here, here, and here. From November 18 to the 24, 2017. I have said pseudo-feminists enabled him, that he should resign, and that there were strategic reasons for that kind of choreographed chaotic behaviour.

It has taken the Atlantic until today to say very same things I have said last month, when too many new women have had the same issues with the man, and when his career looks to be over.

Journalism is supposed to keep up with the times, and have the foresight to see ahead, but the press is always behind the times, playing catch up because they are followers and mimics -- always looking to someone else to tell them what to say and think. Whichever way the wind is blowing, that's where they go.

They were sticking to the "good guy Al" script because that is what worked in the past, but when the sea of change made that thinking archaic, then it was all right to scrape other people's sentiments and go with that flow.

Journalism is supposed to inform in the present; not be behind the curve. Then who needs you when it's already been said and done?

The Daily Kos, New York Times, and Washington Post were all pro-Franken, but then it became inconvenient to do so. If they had been genuinely compassionate as the press proclaims to be, then they would know all by themselves what would be an appropriate response to such behaviour.

You gather facts. You find facts that confirm your original facts. You find facts that refute your original facts. You keeping digging, and then the story becomes self-evident. That is journalism.

Not running behind, aping whatever observant people with critical thinking skills have already said first.