Memo to the New Republic: You never knew what real journalism was with your bigoted fake news reportage, courtesy of Stephen Glass. Why journalism tries to undermine social activism.

Journalism has always been an abusive medium, and The New Republic knows all about that kind of strategic bullying. r960-90bfcca560abb6ebce6470e98199b17f.jpg

They gave free reign to Stephen Glass, who was an expert at literally creating fake news, churning out all sorts of fake stories that had lots of colour, and even more bigoted subtext.

And his editors ate it all up until their Golden Boy was exposed by an online publication.

Glass was not their only reporter who had ethics problems.

Or editor.

And now the publication has the gall to talk about how "weaponized outrage" is bad for journalists.

Well, if that is the case, bring it on.

The New Republic is pseudo-journalism. This is a publication that has had serial problems understanding what is actual journalism -- it is not a place to make fake news. It is not a place to rip off the ideas and words of other writers. It is not the place to sexual harass underlings.

So to the New Republic: you would greatly benefit from some weaponized outrage.

Perhaps journalists could get rid of the chip on their shoulder, think about why they have angered so many citizens, and then look inward to see how they have harmed society over the years, before babbling about how activists are outraged.

People do not want to be outraged, you clueless knuckle-draggers. They want to have jobs with dignity, disposable income, live in a nice house, have a nice family who get along, and raise their children to have the happiest lives in the world.

That is what people want to do, but then they get harmed and hurt, and when they went to you, you made fun of them, villainized them, or just ignored them because you thought they were beneath your notice. They weren't a Kardashian backside to drool over and muse about.

And now that rage has focussed on you.

You earned it in spades.

The reason the press does not like social activism is simple: it means that journalists are asleep at the wheel and not doing their jobs -- and now other people have noticed.

Because if they did, these problems would be acknowledged and dealt with long before they exploded.

So to social activists: keep it up. Get outraged. Be a burden. Do not go away, and don't back down.

The press has failed you time and again. They reached out for a corporation or government's press release before they ever reached out a hand to you.

Now let them own their snobbery, and deal with the consequences.