Who "gets" journalism in 2017?

Most journalists do not, but there are a few who still do. rubon32

This is journalism if journalism had a pair of ovaries to go deep into the heart of power and expose it.

The "Russia" angle is pure nonsense, but it is easy to tell Middle Class America anything. Read it in its entirety and no country is safe -- including Russia -- from their methods.

The Left are as much targets as the Right, and the reason they are under fire -- if you want acceptance, you have to pick a side.

I do not. I am not on some high school dodge ball team. I am a Radical Centrist -- someone who looks at the facts and knows there is no one ideology that keep always keep out corrupt and tyrannical elements. History has shown that regimes like to frighten and shake down the masses all in the name of looking after them, and the second the masses want some rights, magically a big bad enemy is out to get them and they need to swallow abuse from their old masters lest the new threat enslave them.

Not buying what you are selling, thank you. As I am fond of saying, I may have been born yesterday, but I stayed up all night.

WikiLeaks are radical centrists so far. They don't play favourites, and that is the reason they are viewed with suspicion, but their work is worthy.

Then there is Drudge.


I find this site utterly fascinating. Even as journalism is going up in flames, this site is still going strong. Every media outlet goes through more transformation changes than underwear changes, and yet the simple style of Drudge outclasses them all.

As a news editor, Drudge is without peer. He is the global news editor, and that he is still without competition proves how absolutely out of touch journalism is with their own business. You would think they could learn and co-opt, but Drudge knows their own stories better than they do. He gets traffic and has shaped public discourse by riding on the wavelengths of the zeitgeist and making sense of what it means.

The Guardian newspaper still produces journalism, notwithstanding trying to figure out Susan Sarandon. Ronan Farrow also seems to have a clue how to produce real journalism that makes damage to people who have a fortress of power. Whether he keeps it up remains to be seen, but he is a rarity these days.

And there is also The Intercept.


There is still logic in the product, and still important information coming through.

It is sadly, an all boys' club. We don't have female-led hard news vehicles. The #MeToo should have taken a completely different trajectory, and it would have had there been a matriarchal-based hard news outlet.

But in 2017, that's pretty much it.