Memo to Journalists: If you are under attack, it may be because you have a penchant of getting facts wrong. You know, as in disseminating fake news. ABC's Brian Ross messes up big time.

CNN has one of those self-absorbed essays about how important journalism is and some nonsense about an "assault" on the media because they were accused of being fake news. photo

Then ABC's Brian Ross had a report that turned out to be real fake news.

Ross got suspended for four weeks for disseminating something bogus.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

So if you are being misinformed about your own government, thank a journalist.

This is hardly the first major error national journalists have made, but this error is significant: that journalists are being very careless with their coverage, and this is not something that should have happened at all.

But it did happen. Journalists have been pulling out all of the stops trying to prove they are still relevant and trustworthy. They think this is the final battle and their last chance to redeem themselves, but they lost that opportunity a lot sooner than this.

They just don't see it yet.

They are still in denial, penning odes of self-love to people.

They don't get it. They don't get that Trump bypassed them all to win. They don't get their schoolyard bully tactics of all walking lockstep as they bullied him didn't work.

And they didn't get that the Bushes and Clintons with their combined might didn't help any, either.

And as they focus on bringing down the man who proved that journalism is dead, more cunning elements have seen the weakness and can actively exploit it as the unteachable press is too busy with their petty vendettas to see the next threat ready to take their defeat to the next level.