Memo to Huffington Post Canada: Yes, it was a brutal week for newspapers. No, the government can't save the industry because throwing money at people unwilling to confront their demons just enables them. It is time journalists solve their own messes all by themselves.

More whining from Canadian journalists how their arrogant and sloppy ways have killed the profession. This time, this beggars in question are the Huffington Post Canada. sponsorspage_huffpost

Jerry Dias' very skewed column is the same old story: journalists don't know how to do the job. Journalists alienate people. Journalists lose their jobs. Journalists beg for handouts from the government.

Yes, if you can't persuade audiences to pay for your product, force them to do it by snatching away their tax dollars.

If you can't persuade a girl to kiss you after a date, or go out with you again, just force her to do it.

And we honestly wonder how sexual harassment became accepted in newsrooms.

If the government were to humour these unteachable people, what would change?

They would not examine their old ways, let alone question them and admit what they did before wasn't working. They would continue to do what they always did, and audiences would continue to pay for a product they do not use, and find irrelevant in their lives.

I have written about this problem before: Canadian journalism was always on shaky ground because there is a lackadaisical attitude precisely because Canada funds industries that would be better served by being forced to face their own shortcomings.

You are not connecting with audiences. That's just a fact. You are supposed to have a feel for your surroundings, and yet you have a profession that requires consultants and focus groups to know what people want.

And even then, journalists can't even pander properly.

Of course, it is not about pandering, but journalists in Canada don't get it. There is always a compulsion to put a sunny spin on bad news, or fawn over vain politicians.

You do not reward nincompoopity. You do not throw good money at people unwilling to admit they screwed up. They have to earn their readers and viewers, and if those audiences do not want a journalism product, then that's that.

The government has the CBC. They already have a news outlet. They already give grants to publications. What next?

That the government has a hand in every Canadian communication outlet?

And people think Putin is a tyrant who controls his media.

In Canada, journalists are begging the government to Putinize their product.

It is beyond insane. It is completely irrational and unhinged.

Memo to Canadian journalists: you want politicians and leaders to be accountable for their actions?

Well then, lead by example.

You lost your audience, now be accountable -- not the taxpayers who want to live in a democracy -- and that includes the right not to pay for your incompetence.