Dear Atlantic: Do you really want to know why the "Media Apocalypse" Happened? Spoiler Alert: It's your bad reporting. The Anyone But Us Narrative keeps right on happening.

The Atlantic is not a thinking person's publication. Print

It is arrogant sophistry that feels deep to sheltered teenagers.

The latest diatribe from Derek Thompson called "How to Survive the Media Apocalypse" is yet another oblivious piece of "what went wrong?" for the profession.

It comes off as an abusive spouse who is arrested for killing the other after the body is finally found, and is in an interrogation room with the police parading all sorts of dead-to-rights evidence of what happened to the victim, and then asking the suspect what happened.

The original plan of denying anything happened to the victim has now passed. The body has turned up. So the guilty party begins to blame everyone else for the crime -- everyone but the person who actual squeezed the life out of the person. At no time with the killer ever admit to any wrongdoing -- it will always be someone else's fault, no matter how many boxes of evidence presented that clearly show who the guilty party is.

What happened to journalism? Its very bad and corrupt ways killed it. Reporters were the abusive spouse and their profession became the murder victim. That's it. The End.

You do not think you are superior to the people you report to with your stories. You do not cut corners. You do not lie. You do not rely on press releases. You do not use your job to settle childish spats. You do not exaggerate. You do not substitute opinion for fact. You do not ignore people because they are less glamorous than a Hollywood starlet. You do not ignore people because they are teenagers, women, minorities, elderly, or disabled. You do not appeal to authority. You do not use fear.

That list can go on and on, and journalists are still committing every one of those sins. You cannot blame Donald Trump, Russia, and the Internet for your own nincompoopity, or use any of those as an excuse for behaving like a turnip. I am really surprised they are not blaming their grandmothers for it.

You can point a finger of blame, but three fingers are pointing right back at you.

You want journalism to mean something again?

The first step is by looking inside your own rotting soul, and face the truth.