Memo to the Morning Joe: Don't talk about psychopaths. Especially as journalism ranks number #3 in the list. Why journalists are still throwing temper tantrums. And yes, mental health is the profession's biggest dirty secret.

When it comes to unhinged unprofessionalism, Morning Joe is a disturbing prime example of toxic propaganda masquerading as journalism. 160105155412-morning-joe-msnbc-780x439

Before I get into their latest choreographed tirade, I need to point out the when I was conducting research into journalism by working as a journalist, one of the areas I studied was the serious mental health problems the plague the profession.

I had even written an article about the topic in Editor and Publisher magazine.

However, I am not the only one who has noticed that the professions has serious issues in this department. Psychologist Kevin Dutton had noted that journalists rank number three in being the profession of choice of psychopaths.

So for those on the Morning Joe to call anyone a psychopath, and then demand no less than a coup against a democratically-elected leader is disturbing.

This is MSNBC, part of NBC News...the same media outlet that allowed the likes of Brian Williams and Matt Lauer to disseminate information to a public. It is also the same news outfit that rigged cars to explode, and quashed Ronan Farrow's exposé on serial predator Harvey Weinstein.

The tirade, under the guise of alleged journalism, is demanding the removal of a sitting president has nothing to do with morals from an immoral place. It has nothing to do with democracy from a tyrannical place of work.

It has to do with gullible and ignorant journalists with various psychological issues to come to grips with the fact that their delusions of telling the little people who to vote backfired on them.

And they are so hellbent on trying to reclaim their alleged power that they are trying to destroy their own nation in order to prove a point.

Left, right, it doesn't matter. You have an entire profession infected with tyrannical impulses because they had been spoiled with power for far too long.

Memo to the press: you were not elected. You did not run for public office, and you are commoners, not kings or queens.

You need an intervention. For the sake of democracy, you all need an intervention before you destroy every wonderful thing in the world.