The collapse of journalism in an age of propaganda

Social media feeds are filled with DIY propaganda posters, but many people think what they are presenting is the Truth. us_propaganda-29

It is just a warning to save you from some scary monster robot zombie who has no redeeming qualities.

And they are just trying to build an army to resist those people on the other side of the ideological fence.


They will pretend, of course, to be appealing to you from strength, and flatter you.


And your are told there are strength in numbers.


A fight to the finish! Sink or swim!


It is all about love and peace, after all.


Because everyone wants a winner.


Prove yourself by unleashing your most primal drives.


Speak your mind, so the word gets out before it's too late.


But not too much, of course.


Give all you have and more.


And it is all in the name of a good cause.


It is panic in the streets right now. Middle class people with first-world mindsets who are absolutely scared right out of their wits.

Because journalists have used fear to grab audiences with scars, panics, hysterias, and other war games.

They have called for wars, demanded civilians be bombed back to the Stone Age, and have called slaughter the moral thing for a nation's leader to do as they claimed they were the light to guide their citizens to safety.

Washington Post propaganda

The power of the press has diminished, but the fear persists. It perpetuates on social media, where those who have no idea about the consequences of fear-mongering and panicked messages litter their feeds with anger, hate, and fear.

Because journalists never took it seriously, either.

They never truly understood the concept of balance and ideological responsibility.

The irony is there are two factions fighting for power and control.

Two sides inciting their own with propaganda, but are too blind to see that what they see their enemy doing, they are doing as well.

Without a free press refusing to play those games, the fear explodes as rationality vanishes.

And wars begin.