Memo to the Daily Mail and the Today Show: Calling Megyn Kelly an opportunist when Matt Lauer was a predator is really vile. Why journalism is as misogynistic as ever.

If you think there has been some liberation for women in journalism because some old letches are getting the boot, let me enter into evidence Megyn Kelly. w=350

If you have not noticed, Ms Kelly is a woman. She is getting hammered in the press no matter what she says or does because she is ambitious, and ambitious women are always seen as selfish people who do not know their place, which is supposed to be a bored housewife who should be grateful for any dirt kicked in her face.

She wants to do hard news? Shame on her! She wants to interview scary people not on the Societal Approved List? She's evil! She looks after her own interests when it everyone around her makes it amply clear she is an outsider? Destroy her!

Oh, grow up.

Notice that former Today Show predator Matt Lauer is getting sick sympathy from his former coworkers at NBC. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb were heartbroken for their dear, dear friend. Kathie Lee Gifford is all set to forgive a man who is alleged to have a button on his desk that locks his office door.

Hello-a! There are people rotting in prison for a whole lot less than that.

But Matt Lauer is rich and democracy works completely different for the wealthy than the poor, or those silly Middle Class who think they can fake rich.

Yeah, you put a button on your desk, and see how many years you are going to get in jail, poseur.

But Ms Kelly has both a legal and journalistic background and did what she had to do: soldier on by facing the press so she does not suffer any more damage to her reputation than she already has.

But her Today show coworkers -- and trash rag the Daily Mail are livid at her for doing it.

Let me get this straight: it was great for Lauer to terrorize coworkers and underlings for a quarter century, but it is wrong for Kelly to talk to the press about it? What is wrong with you?

And what were you tantrum-throwers doing when there were women facing Lauer's workplace terrorism? Drooling and fawning all over your mealticket as you gossiped and enabled a predator?

And you want to pretend to be news producers? Ones who target primarily a female audience?

Shame on you all.

You call Kelly an outsider? She should be relieved by the label. Who would want to be one of you?

A group of people who side with a workplace terrorist over an ambitious woman.

But the Daily Mail should also be ashamed of themselves.


They, too, are engaging is misogynistic practices.

Kell as villainess is a narrative that questionable people have concocted -- so why not call them into question?

For anyone who thinks we have entered an enlightened era, stop fantasizing. The woman-hating has not ceased.

It is as strong as ever.

And it is sickening.