Only a true media critic knows that Buzzfeed is in serious trouble. That's right; cheap filler quizzes and first-world GIFs are not going to save Buzzfeed or journalism.

Buzzfeed is purging its ranks. buzzfeed

I guess the inane quizzes, shallow commentary, and blasting Donald Trump is not helping its bottom line.

It is the easy and cheap way of doing business.

They shamelessly pander to Millennials and evoke countless pop culture references, which isn't easy these days as there has been so much splintering in the entertainment industry, that you don't have the Michael Jacksons or the Princess Dianas to ride on their iconic coattails.

Their journalism is not even journalism. It is beyond horrible. The Intercept it is not. It is for vapid and shallow self-obsessed people with no attention spans, and you really cannot build an audience around people like that.

That the Internet is not saving journalism is a very troubling sign: when there were newspapers, there was news. When radio came along, there was news from two different media. When television came along, there was news from three different media.

But when the Internet came, the profession imploded.

The natural assumption was that there would be new breeds of journalists and new outlets that began online, but the offerings have been shoddy and disturbingly bad.

And now it is becoming obvious these ventures will not be able to sustain themselves.

These properties have been vastly overinflated, but they cannot deliver.

What has been happening to traditional media outlets is starting to happen to the online ones as well.

And the problems will not just go away. Because operations such as Buzzfeed have no clue about creating a news product, there will be no traction.

And there only so many life-sink quizzes you can do before you realize you are wasting your life for nothing.