NBC's Anchor Problem

NBC now has another black eye. NBC_News_2011.svg

Long gone are the days of Tom Brokaw.

When Brian Williams proved to have a penchant for embellishing his war stories, he should have been kicked out the door, but management usually hates to be shown to be wrong; and so he was somewhat punished, but dodged a bullet.

Matt Lauer was accused of very heinous things; so he was not so lucky.

But NBC is the big leagues in American broadcast journalism. You are get to be an anchor there, you know you have arrived.

Within two years, NBC has had two of their senior anchors or hosts caught up in a scandal.

There are serious problems going on when a systemic breakdown happens within such a short period of time. People who were promoted to the top are caught up in bad trouble, it is time to take a closer look at the culture that fostered management to ignore blaring warning signs.

NBC cannot claim ignorance about Williams or Lauer. If other media outlets such as the New York Times were starting to nose around, it meant enough people knew about what was lurking in those shadows. If management didn't know, it is very bad. If they willfully chose to ignore, it is equally bad.

But there is a dysfunction, but whether anyone wants to do anything about it is questionable...at least until the next storm hits.