Memo to CNN: You are not five years old, anymore. You are not high schoolers. Grow up.

It is a sad day for the children of CNN. Wolf Blitzer, Christiane Amanpour, Brooke Baldwin, and Anderson Cooper have now proven themselves to have the mental maturity of obnoxious high schoolers whose parents tell them that they are "special", but not every kid in the peanut gallery is applauding them.


If you want to go at war with the American president like children, that is at the expense of your credibility. No one cares.

Journalists are notoriously thin-skinned creatures, but CNN has now openly disregarded their objectivity and clarity to get dragged down in some childish spat just because your egos won't allow you to pull back and do your jobs.

That's right; do your job. If you are good at your job, the insults mean nothing because your product is your defence and proof that people who are insulting you are incorrect.

But it's as if a clique of snots got together and fumed as they were smoking in the boys' room, and then decided to get together and fire back.

Now, whatever stories they do, have been compromised. It is all a personal vendetta that reminds me a lot of former FNC guerrilla artist Bill O'Reilly.

I wrote about him in detail in my book OutFoxedHe created his own rogue's gallery, engaging in very strategic attacks on people, such as Al Franken (and now the two have something in common); and they all fell right into the trap.

But O'Reilly was careful how he did it. He had savvy, and no matter if you like him or hate him, he knew how to play a crowd deftly. I likened it like a carnival ride where there were distorting mirrors and a rigged floor, and the trick to survive the No Spin Zone was not to fall for the easy bait.

But for the uncool kids at CNN, they are pretending to "fight back" or something.

You don't go into that kind of childish battle. You just do your jobs, if you know what that means.

You cannot be a competent journalist if you fall for bait. It means you are not savvy or observant of your surroundings. Nor do you understand a feint, and you cannot cover events if you are that utterly gullible.

CNN should actually stop having opinionists, speculators, and parrots, and try to find a genuine journalist or two who will be too busy finding facts to engage in a flame war.