Al Franken for Democrat Dummies

Roy Moore must be absolutely thrilled. 2cb63c03f04a497ceded32e979009fc7_b

He must think that Al Franken is his godsend.

And he would be right on the money.

Moore has nothing to worry about now.

The moment the Left defended Al Franken, they let Moore off the hook, and anything they say about sexual harassment now, is absolutely meaningless.

It is all talk. Anyone who complains about Moore, will be effectively shut out and shut down.

Because if it is okay for some to be forgiven for sexual harassment, then everyone else will be forgiven, too.

Because women made excuses for Franken, they lost the battle and the war.

Some aging relics got pushed out, but the new boors now take their positions, and it will be the same old story, except they will see how the old guard got caught, and now know precisely how to circumvent detection for the next half century or so.

And as women's rights have been eroding since the 90s, the trajectory will continue in the US.

So why is it a big deal that there are too many apologists for Franken?

There are many reasons that I have outlined earlier, but the Left's hypocrisy has cost them as being credible guardians of feminist and women's issues.

They imply that only Franken can save women. It is a patronizing and misogynistic assumption, but it is the narrative the Left willingly chose on their own, proving their system is as rigged as the Right's.

And as we have not seen a single American woman start a political party to address this, there is no longer a single credible American woman who can rightly call herself a feminist.

The women retreated, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory all on their own.

You are on the cusp of winning a key battle, and then you what? Start treating a duplicitous hostile force as a victim as you dismiss a sister-in-arms whose life was forever impeded by the episode?

There is not a single American woman competent and capable enough to take on the mantle here?

The defeat is a subversive one that will make more damage than most people realize.

The problem stemmed from ignorance of war strategy by American feminists.

They justified the actions of Franken, which was not just a tactical error, but has brought them defeat.

Harvey Weinstein will beat the rap just as easily as Bill Cosby.

Once you roar a battle cry, there is no going back. Once you wage a war, you do not end the battle until the goal is achieved.

You will face obstacles. You will suffer losses, but most importantly of all, you will discover double agents and traitors to your cause, but you have to face the reality of these truths all the same.

But Franken's actions on that fateful abusive siege on Leeann Tweeden were far more diabolical than most of Franken's apologists realize.

They were coworkers, but also sharing a stage. Tweeden is comely, and to the mostly male troops, she would be the one to get the most attention.

She would be the belle of the ball by default.

I don't think someone like Franken would stand being upstaged by a radiating beauty...and so, there would be numerous ways to usurp her, and throw her off balance as he is not a particularly brilliant or original performer.

And there are ways to make someone lose their focus.

All the things he did would do precisely that to Tweeden.

How many women have been thrown off balance that way and had their careers derailed as they lost confidence and became afraid?

And I wonder how many of those women are coming to the defence of a man who did to them the same as the men who forever sabotaged their careers and lives?

But there is another side to it, and it is the side I saw when I was working as a journalist.

In 2002, I wrote an article for Elle Canada about women who broke the law to please a boyfriend. All of the women I interviewed ended up in prison with lengthy terms...while the man walked and walked out of their lives never to be seen or heard from again.

Every one of these women would be what I call street smart and savvy, yet every single one fell for the same basic ruse that hinged on gratitude, and assuming a kind gesture had no ulterior motive for it.

The boyfriend in question "saved" her -- from an abusive relationship to financial ruin. Every woman was grateful for the kindness and attention.

And every one volunteered to help their boyfriend do something illegal, even taking the rap for doing something he did and masterminded.

But it was not the man who got caught.

It was the woman who protected the man by not giving him up to police.

With no one else to prosecute, these women got two decades or more in the slammer.

And the boyfriend took off to parts unknown, leaving her to rot all by herself.

It was a rude awakening: not only was she tricked into keeping quiet, the man was not even grateful. He wasn't because he cultivated her to behave on cue the exact way he needed her to in order to do what he wanted, but not get caught.

He pulled her out of an abusive relationship or financial hardship to have a pawn who would do his dirty work, take the fall, and defend him in public.

It keeps happening. Charlie Manson made a career out of it. He may have been labelled a "murderer", but technically, he did not do the actual killing. He was the mastermind, not the minion slaughtering innocents.

But to his groupies, he was absolutely without flaw. I once had a conversation with a female professor who was very protective of him, telling me that he was just "a lost little boy."

She had the Ph.D. and he didn't even have a high school diploma, but he played her to the point that she had become irrational in her defence of him.

Many women have no clue when they have been asked to jump up on a hamster wheel. They honestly believe they are shrewd, savvy, and even the smartest person in the room who can never be played.

But women have been played. They get played with chilling ease.

By allowing one man to be protected from his own calculated sexist feint, they have now made a path for other men to do the same. All a man has to do is pay them a few false compliments, say he supports abortion rights, and she will always come to his defence, even if he treats women like trash who are beneath him.

Instead of making a path where all women can liberate themselves and depend on no one to hold their fate in their hands, those same women squandered a chance by giving it to someone who would throw them to the wolves if it were expedient for him to do so.

Worst of all, the Roy Moores reap the benefits of the Al Frankens.

No woman will benefit.

Don't start a campaign unless you are willing to fight the war to the bitter end, or pull your punches. You are playing for keeps.

And to the American Left who are wondering why Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost, you now know your answer.

You arrived, but then failed to deliver -- and that is an unforgivable sin.

Very rarely, will you ever be given a second chance.

You squandered it on a man who humiliates women when he thinks no one is looking. Now deal with it, poseurs.