Memo to the 36 ditzes of Saturday Night Live: Nice to you does not mean nice. Why women have to learn the other 36 -- as in the 36 Stratagems of war.

Thirty-six women who worked with Al Franken on Saturday Night Live made public their support for the admitted woman humiliator. I am not certain how many of those women may have been harassed and were pressured into standing by their man, but these women are all adults; so I am going to make each one on that list own their signature. And every signer of that letter has officially become a ditz.

Self-absorbed air-headed ditzes and menaces to their own sex who obviously have no critical thinking skills.


Oh, let us count the ways.

"Nice" to you does not mean the person is actually nice. There are people who are "nice" to other people for strategic reasons: they know how to climb to the top by sizing up their prey, and then preparing a script to manipulate them to get them to get what the predator wants. It is all about power.

And we are talking about a comedy writer who became a senator.

Just because someone is "nice" to you (and what is defined as "nice"? Saying hello? Laughing at your unfunny jokes? Inviting you to come over and smoke weed? What?) does not mean the person is nice.

Often, you are the gate-keeper whose approval will give a predator access to the targeted victim.

Predators pick and choose their targets. They don't attack every person in their wake. Some people are unfailingly polite to mothers, but only until they get their children in their clutches. Some people are devoted to their bosses, but backstab coworkers and underlings.

Predators cultivate their pawns. Some pawns are cultivated to cheerlead the predator on cue; so when the sins are exposed, the dutiful pawns immediately squawk in public, defending the predator; so that those brave enough to expose a predator's ways are discredited.

Well, he never assaulted me! He was really nice to me; so the accusers must be lying!

Sexual harassment is not about sex. It is about power and controlling an obstacle or a threat. Some people see the world as a giant chess board. You look after and protect your pawns and even try to promote a lowly pawn...but you go out of your way to take down the opponent's pawns.

That means just because you are getting protection from someone, don't think the person who is doing the protecting is a guardian or a nice guy.

And remember there is such a thing as a sacrifice pawn.

If women in North America want to break that glass ceiling, it is high time for some required reading.

And a terrific starting point is the 36 Stratagems of War.

It is a predator's manual for how to win a war. It is, in a way, based on similar logic as a stage magician, and a magician's job is to manipulate optics to make things seem more extraordinary than they actually are.

There are some people who are so desperate for approval, they take any sort of attention as a sign they have value, and then regress into superhero mode when the source of that attention is caught in the act.

I have been the recipient of "protection" from predators who could read me, and knew if they tried any funny business, they would face my unleashed righteousness and figured I was more valuable as an ally than a target.

I never thought those people were good-hearted -- just cunning and shrewd.

There is no question what Al Franken did, and now that there are four women speaking out against him, those 36 supporters are being exposed as being in denial.

And being no better than the President who is supporting Roy Moore despite the chorus of women who were caught in the crosshairs of misogynistic terrorism.

So to those 36 women, shame on you. Shame on you for setting women's rights back with your gullibility and lack of empathy.

You are not being objective or a sensible voice of reason: you are standing in the way of a predator facing the consequences of his decades' long campaign for power at any cost.