The Washington Post's Pseudo-feminist column, and the death of journalism

  In one of the worst columns the Washington Post has ever had the gall to churn out, pseudo-feminist Kate Harding's dreck on defending Al Franken is a prime example of sophistry disguised as an actual idea.

It is the same pseudo-feminist babble that enabled Bill Clinton to hold on to power when he should have been kicked to the curb for using the Oval Office as a love shack.

You can be a book smart woman. You can be an ambitious woman. You can even be a woman who has a title and a tiara.

You are not a feminist by default.

And Kate Harding is no feminist because no feminist would ever use illogic to keep an abuser in place.

No, Ms Harding, you are not a feminist. You are an apologist who is trying to twist logic to keep a status quo you believe works for you and you alone.

Forget about the excuses and sophistry she churns out. The bottom line is that we have women who are using a dishonest narrative to make an excuse why they made a mistake, were wrong, and elevated a disrespectful schmuck to power.

One who is exploiting you and telling you sweet nothings to get what he wants -- and you, like a fool, support him.

Yeah, not feminist thinking at all.

Stand by your man, ladies!

If you want to turf someone like Roy Moore, then you have to turf Al Franken. Do not make excuses that your boors are less offensive than the other guy's boors. All it means is either (a) the true extent of boorishness has not been exposed (and with nondisclosure clauses, do not assume anything), or (b) one boor was not given the same chance as the other guy. Once you think it is okay to humiliate a coworker in such an intimate manner, that's it.

You may be less brazen, but it doesn't make you any less swinish.

No feminist gives a man a free pass, and makes up excuses for him as if he needs her meddling.

Because if he does need meddling and a maid to clean up his messes...he is not all that competent.

And the idea that women's rights in America hinge on a former mediocre comedian is insane. As in childish, logically flawed, and just plain pathetic.

Sadly, the New York Times can have no virtuous airs as they, too, allow pseudo-feminist prattle get published. So did the Daily Kos.

American journalism has always been a hotbed for sexist ideology. Their filters are so tainted, even when they have a token woman under some sort of "feminist" banner, she does nothing remotely feminist.

She will perpetuate stereotypes. She will make excuses and give free passes to bad behaviour.

She may affiliate with Democrats, but sorry, that is not enough to make her a feminist.

American feminism has been reduced to obsessing over a single issue: abortion rights.

There are plenty of qualified women who can replace Al Franken. Women have to stop stooping to defending low-class users and start actually fighting a war.

Not a war against men. But a war against misogyny.

And it starts by making demands, and not being dependent on other people to give you dregs of a human right here or there.

American feminism lost its dignity the day women who proclaimed to be one stood up and defended Bill Clinton.

Those women got played. It happens. You have to learn to recognize your mistakes, face it, and then admit it to change your thinking and not make the same mistake again.

Harding's toxic ideas merely pollute feminism, and are just as destructive as the acts of Roy Moore.

Stop protecting predators. Stop making excuses for predators.

And stop calling yourself a feminist if you are not willing to actually stand up for women's rights no matter how difficult and inconvenient it can be.