Charlie Rose is out. Journalism is out of touch. Does the industry have the ovaries to admit they need a reinvention?

Charlie Rose has been outed as a menace to women who have to work with him. I have said this is the precise reason why Harvey Weinstein was getting away with swinishness before. And I will say it again.

Journalism is a profession that reeks of misogyny in its every nook and cranny. It can babble about Evil Bad Trump all it wants, but it is a profession that rewards boors as it ignores any woman with a functioning brain who has dignity, gravitas, vision, courage, morals, and a work ethic.

The accusations against Rose are severe, and I am saying right now, all this abusive behaviour is still going on. Don't think the scum-shaming is some magical antidote that will cure anything.

After all, if "Great Men" such as Charlie Rose can make it that far up for that long being a tyrant, that shows just how acceptable woman-abusing is in the industry.

And if abusing women is acceptable and does not impede men from being drooled over by the masses and the industry, then how well can these knuckle-draggers report on reality?

No wonder journalism collapsed. People such as Rose were rewarded, never punished for what they did.

How much harder was it for these women to focus and move forward unleashed when they were being degraded at their place of work?

That is how men such as Rose decimate the competition. Plant seeds of fear and disgust, and the rivals cannot stay focussed.

Journalism didn't collapse because of the Internet. It collapsed because it allowed grifters to rig the newsroom to promote deficient people into positions of power, as it abused people who actually worked.

It starts at j-schools where bad behaviour is ignored. It continues in the newsrooms that have a peculiar idea that being a good reporter requires looking down on women.

Seeing women as a lesser being -- or pretending to -- is the biggest mark of a coward, and journalism is not a profession that can afford to indulge men whose testosterone feels threatened by the presence of estrogen. Sexism is a sign of weakness. End of story.

Journalism's reinvention has been long overdo.

And with his mechanical "apology", comes another covert attack on women.

Sorries are not enough. These apologies never come out of the blue when an offender is at his prime: only after he got caught -- and punished.

Apologies have become a feint and ruse -- a stratagem in order to buy oneself time, or a second chance.

Charlie Rose had decades of chances. He blew every single one. Let him feel as helpless as the women whose lives he forever altered with his actions to let them feel as if they were his prey -- no better than a toilet for a man in power to relieve his urges on.

That is not a journalist. That is the kind of person journalists are supposed to expose to tell the world who is not worthy of their trust.

And the Hall of Shame grows by one more...