Memo to the Daily Kos: Defending Al Franken just destroyed your credibility. Why feminists should be creating their own political parties -- once and for all.

The Daily Kos is propaganda for the Left, the way Infowars is propaganda for the Right. Let's get that out of the way, first. They peddle in scary bedtime stories, nothing more. Let's also look at the American Left's war manual, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky's book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand how the American Left fight their battles. The book is simple, elegant, and has a neat list of "rules" to take on a political opponent. Radical rule number four is interesting:

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

Alinsky hit upon something absolutely brilliant here: that people in power may have to pay a lot of lip service, but that's just to appease a certain flock. They don't actually believe the mush they spew to the little people who blindly follow whoever tells them what they want to hear.

For the last few decades, the Left have done a very effective job of exposing Republican hypocrisy; even as recently as this month, pompous self-entitled troll Roy Moore was exposed. With accusations and victims coming up to tell the world about how he exploited them when they were mere teens, the Left followed Rule #4 just fine.

But then came along Al Franken's very bad behaviour.

And the Daily Kos defended his behaviour, as they, too, got devastated by the same rule that tarnished Moore.

Let us turn the tables and apply Rule #4 on the outlet as well, shall we?

They dreamt up a diabolical and paranoid conspiracy theory that this scandal was somehow a coordinated "hit." with the faithful flock yet again playing Joseph McCarthy blaming Orthodox Christians for all of their woes.

And I suppose Russians made Al Franken pose for this abusive picture, too:

Russians made him do it.

It's like dismissing an ex-wife for telling people her former husband molested their children. We can call her a disgruntled person with an axe to grind all we want, but if she has hard evidence of his sins, she has every right to be disgruntled and wield her axe on his reputation any time she chooses for whatever purpose she chooses.

He made that axe for her in the first place.

With a single article, the Daily Kos proved to be nothing more but apologists for scum.

And if that wasn't enough, those little propagandists went into overdrive, trying to frighten feminists into sticking with a woman-degrader because, well, those evil Republicans might take abortion rights away!

And Al Franken is the only person capable of standing up for women's rights, according to the illogic of the Daily Kos.

No, this is the precise reason feminists need to dump not just Franken, but the entire party.

Do not threaten me with lies. Do not tell me that I have to settle and make do with a letch.

Because no woman has to settle for any garbage for any reason.

I always said American pseudo-feminists messed up with their cowardice during the Bill Clinton scandal. They stood by their man. Shame on all of those women who were passive airheads.

Any woman who defended Bill Clinton was not a feminist, but a Stepford voter.

And no feminist -- female, male, or however you identify yourself -- should stick with Franken just because they are afraid of losing their rights.

You dump the hypocrite. You denounce the hypocrite. You put every hypocrite on notice that you are ready to battle.

And feminists have all sorts of options: they could run for Franken's seat in a run-off after chasing him out of Dodge; in fact, you can have two feminists run -- one Democrat, and one Republican.

That's right: mobilize in droves to be represented in both parties so that women's rights are permanently off the table. As in, not for negotiation; so it does not matter who wins that election; women can sleep easy no matter who is in that seat.

Or, they could just start a new party. Get a real feminist to launch her campaign at a woman's shelter, showing America that too many women are living in terror with their domestic terrorists. Gather all the teenage girls who were abused and then thrown away on the streets, and bring them over to the super-rich's house, and show these girls the life they will never have.

Let those dispossessed girls lean in to Sheryl Sandberg to ask her what she thinks about women's rights -- the reality version of it, and what she plans to do about it as she has the money and the means to lean in to the big boys.

Let that candidate take on pay equity. Let that candidate show us the teen mothers, the elderly women who cannot make ends meet, those single mothers who fight a million wars every single day with no reprieve just to put scraps of food on the table. Let her do her campaign ads from the morgue, showing the women who were murdered by their spouses, and ask if the rest of the country really wants to settle for squalor and make do?

The Daily Kos is no friend to any woman. Not one. They are ensuring that women run in fear on that hamster wheel, thinking they are getting away from the past.

No, they are driving you into the clutches of yet another letch.

And is that what life is all about? Being a damsel-in-distress your entire, meaningless life?

Or is it making new opportunities where none existed before because you don't have to eat the dirt publications such as the Daily Kos keep kicking in your face? Enough is enough. We don't need yet another bully tell to us how morally superior he is. We need to face reality with the truth so we can stop being afraid, and start dealing with tyrants head on.