Just how bigoted are the press? Substitute the word "Black", "Gay", or "Muslim" for "Russian" and you'll find out. Memo to mainstream media: your ugly roots are showing...again

The press has always had a hate for anyone of Russian or Eastern European ancestry. Whenever they had to cover anything from those regions, the inaccurate reportage went something like how Hollywood portrayed Chinese Americans in 1960s sitcoms. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIP7adRS118?rel=0]

The American press have always been roving bigots. They will relentlessly attack one group of people before they revolt, and then switch to a "safer" group to tear apart. Right now, Orthodox Christians and Republicans are fair game.


Because journalistic narrative has always been Us versus Them, with "Us" always being the heroes with no flaws, save a Mary Sue one here or there, and the "Them" being villains who are somehow always out to take over the world, mwah ha ha and all that jazz.

As someone who is Eastern European by blood, working as a journalist was never an easy thing in general. I was born and raised in Canada, and yet, I'd be asked about my "accent". No, I do not have one that differs than any other North American accent, and the act of othering was always a way of letting me know I was not one of you. No one asked about my alleged foreign accent when we spoke on the phone...but the second I walked into a room, that was question number one. Sometimes people never heard me speak at all, and then asked about that phantom accent even before I had a chance to open my mouth.

That's profiling.

And it is not okay to profile people, even if they are white. Even if you are not white. Even if both of you are not white.

The press hates Russians and slavs. So do the Democrats. For them, the hate is acceptable bigotry. The Russians were just wonderful when they rescued Eric Snowdon from his own government, but the sore losers just had to blame Russians when things did not go their own way in November 2016.

The press conveniently forgets that every American regime has meddled in the elections of other countries. Every one. Americans have bombed people and invaded countries, replacing whoever they didn't like with a leader they did.

And it was the press who clamoured for that interference, sacrificing nuance and complexity for antagonism, costing millions of people the loss of their peace, homes, families, and even lives.

Did Russians meddle in US elections? I would be surprised if there wasn't meddling of some sort from every country with the means to do so -- in 2016 and in every election before that. People in power tend to be control freaks.

Does that meddling rig elections? No, of course not. People don't look at anything but their own lives when going to the ballot. If they are doing well financially, they stick with the status quo.

But if their lives are spiralling out of control, they blame the incumbent, and vote the bums out.

Meddling is white noise. If Americans were more prosperous, they would have voted a Democrat in the White House, the Senate, and Congress.

Three strikes meant Americans were letting the Dems know that they failed. If Russians were truly involved, that would mean they meddled in every level of the vote, not just the White House -- and that would mean that the US press and government were the most incompetent morons in the history of civilization.

Is that what the press is claiming?

That isn't just lunacy: that merely proves the news corps has no respect for their own citizens.

And if they have no respect for them, that means they are not informing a public, but dictating their thoughts to them.

The Republicans kept dropping the ball in the past year because they were still miffed that their Chosen One, Jeb Bush, got kicked to the curb; so they lost quite a few seats in 2017.

As one campaign strategist once quipped, It's the economy, stupid.

But hey, why look inward, when you can spew like a  real bigoted paranoid conspiracy theorist?

Just replace the word "Russian" with any other trigger group, and the article's true chauvinism becomes unsettling.

Memo to the Post: stop blaming Drudge, Russia, Trump, and blue collar workers for losing face in public. You backed a conniving, pseudo-feminist turkey. You lost sight of reality. Deal with it like adults, and not temper tantrum-throwing brats.

By now, every editor and journalist should realize what a sham the political system is in every country in the world -- how people have been oppressed, harmed, and confined by it. Far from becoming partisan sycophants, you should have become political atheists and radicalized centrists.

Instead, you became ignorant and arrogant propagandists, getting sucked into stupid games.

Stop demonizing people. Stop telling people to be afraid, and how to think like sheltered cowards.

You are meddling in the same way you accused the Soviets of meddling.

Isn't any wonder that journalism isn't a thing anymore?