Memo to the Hollywood Reporter: You enabled these monsters. Deal with it.

The Hollywood Reporter has a backside covering article that is a very instructuve attempt at the usual journalistic stratagems and shell games used to deflect attention away from a publication's own culpability when a prolonged scandal explodes. So let's get down to business.

First, there is no "witch hunt" with regards to Hollywood's Treating Women as Human Toilets Scandal. People who were abused now feel emboldened to finally share their true stories. The example the author of this noxious propaganda piece uses is the case of a bunch of preschoolers being convinced that they were victims of sexual abuse.

And this example is supposed to somehow be comparable to this scandal? They are nothing alike.

Rose McGowan was not a toddler -- she was a grown woman when a well-known boor crossed her path. No one planted any false memories in her. Reese Witherspoon also seems intelligent enough to know when someone harmed her. Gretchen Carlson was not a baby -- she had armed herself with proof of what was happening to her. Anthony Rapp was also old enough to know he was in a dangerous situation. Corey Feldman may have been a child -- but he knew what was happening to him, who did it, and how. There have been many professional actors who have corroborated these accounts. Even Alec Baldwin had freely confessed that "everyone" in Hollywood knew what happened to McGowan as well as other A-listers.

In other words, instead of doing a serious examination of what kind of monsters ran these studios, The Hollywood Reporter is engaging in calling victims insane liars with no grasp of reality.

So let us stop pretending that Hollywood and other media outlets are run by nice guys who would never abuse their power.

And let us stop pretending that publications such as the Hollywood Reporter didn't know about it.

They knew. They willingly played cheerleader to that industry, writing fawning articles about those Great Men because they had a vested interest in propagating a myth. As a reporter, you know the gossip. You see people do things to other people right in front of you. There is no way you can close your eyes tight enough...

But even if you did, their alleged blindness is still damning. If you are a journalist covering an industry, and you didn't know what was going down, you are a very bad reporter. As in, useless. Period. End of story. There comes a time when you cannot be in denial.

So when the Hollywood Reporter is trying to put on the brakes to this story, they are not doing it to bring calm.

They are trying to prevent people from examining their role in covering up/ignoring/manipulating  this horrendous problem.

I will not be one of those airheads who will accept the idea of a "witch hunt".

This isn't a witch hunt. This is the beginnings of a revolution. Hollywood reigned supreme before social media gave people an outlet to speak on topics that the old guard didn't want to leak, lest it prove that they are not worthy of the power and control they once had and abused.

The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and every other publication covering that vile little town, ought to write a very long letter of apology for allowing untold traumas to be buried in such a horrendous manner.

It is like throwing a fabulous black-tie party in your living room as you grab random guests and rape them in your basement -- and then corner them in such a way that they have to get back to the party and be all smiles because they are afraid of what worse thing you will do to them if they tell the truth.

It is Hollywood that has glorified misogyny and rape culture for decades. It is publications such as The Hollywood Reporter that chose silence as they told the world this was an industry worth believing in.

And it is time to hold those responsible accountable without indulging their vast conspiracy theories of a witch hunt.

You know what happened all those years as you made it sound as if that was the Promised Land. It was the Place Below Hell. You know it. We know it.

Now deal with it.